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This game is not tricky!

posted by yzwreckin (CAMDEN, MI) May 31, 2012

Member since Nov 2007

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I remember how much fun the old SSX game used to be, and had looked forward to this game when I heard it was coming, but boy was I disappointed. It's almost like they made it too easy to do tricks and land them, and it quickly becomes boring when all you are doing is button mashing, and still land everything. Now I didn't play the game long enough to know if they still had some of the cool things like half pipe, like the old game, but it was just too boring to play it long enough to see.

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Very Disappointing

posted by amarine88 (LOS ANGELES, CA) May 18, 2012

Member since May 2012

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So the soundtrack is amazing, one of the best I've seen in a game, but the gameplay is lack-luster at best.

First of the "story" mode, which doesn't have a story just a series of challenges to unlock everything, takes 4 hours.. if you aren't good. If I beat everything first try it probably would have taken me to 2 hours to unlock it all. Also there are glitches that make you have to restart races because you get stuck constantly.

Then there are the gimmicks, and oh my does this game have gimmicks. There's a challenge you have to do multiple times where everything is dark and you have to use a headlamp to see, except the headlamp is super dull so you basically have to restart the course until you memorize where the gaps are and what will kill you. The wingsuit is just as stupid and so is the oxygen tank (which you only use once).

I got this game at noon today and it's 4pm and I'm ready to return it because I've beaten all the challenges.

Bottom line: I was very excited to get this game but am so utterly disappointed by it I never want to play an SSX again. The game feels rushed and needed about another 6 months of design and story work.

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WOW! Best snowboarding game to date

posted by LordCC18 (DOUGLAS, AK) Mar 27, 2012

Member since Mar 2012

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I have 1 word. WOW! This game is so awesome that the replay value of this game doesn't get boring. This game is well worth getting by renting and buying. I went straight buying this game after 2 hours of game play and still having a blast. They so upgrading the system to where you can race other people's ghosts on tracks online which got me to get this game and realized SSX has raised from the dead.

A well thought out game and have to give props to EA for them doing a good job. Lately they been releasing decent sporting games (Minus Madden) lately and hope they continue.

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