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Also on:PS2, GBA, Xbox
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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Rail boost:

If you are having trouble making it up a curved rail and need some speed, press B to activate your adrenaline. This can get you up almost any rail, no matter what your speed, and as long as you have some adrenaline.

  • B
    Rail boost
Easy flip landing:

To land flips easier, start a flip as usual then press the Analog-stick the same way that you are flipping to make your boarder rush the flip. This helps when you are about to crash a flip. Also, if you are spinning and want to do a Misty 720, do a regular Misty then hold the Analog-stick in the same direction that you are spinning. You will gain an extra 180 without the game calling it a "Late 180".

  • Analog-stick
    Easy flip landing
More air in halfpipes:

To get more air in the halfpipes, hold the boost until you go of the edge. To get more air hold Jump at the same time and release it before you go off. This is especially useful in the Pipedream level, where you need to get those high bonuses in Showoff mode. You can also pull off better tricks in other courses that have pipes.

  • Hold Jump
    More air in halfpipes
Uber tricks:

Enter the code.

  • L + B, L + R + B, R + Z + B, R + B, and Z + B (only one combo for each jump). For the Uber Tricks that include Z, you must hold Z for one second then press B
    Uber tricks
Unlock Everything:

Enter this code at the start menu

  • Hold L+R and press A, B, Z, X, Y, Z, B, Y, Z, X, A, Z
    Unlock Everything
Mix Master Mike:

Enter code at the title screen. Release L + R and awhen you hear a sound the code has been entered properly. Choose any boarder at the character selection screen and he or she will be replaced by Mix Master Mike on the course, with the ubers of the character that was originally selected. He has decks on his back and a vinyl board. You can repeat this code in order to disengage its effect.

  • Hold L + R and press X(2), Right, X(2), Down, X(2), Left, X(2), Up at the title screen, Release L + R
    Mix Master Mike
Board turn on rail:

If your rider is on a rail with your board the long way (which is easier to fall off), you can switch your board sideways by pressing Left or Right. Your rider does not have to jump off, spin 90 degrees, and miss the rest of the rail.

  • Left or Right
    Board turn on rail