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Thumb blisters couldn't be more fun!

posted by wendy4Wii (BELLINGHAM, WA) Mar 7, 2007

Member since Mar 2007

1 out of 3 gamers (33%) found this review helpful

This is a perfect game for all. It seemed a little simple at first but once you get into the upper peaks and earn some skill upgrades the possibilities are endless. So stay with it. I believe you can be a video game novice or pro and have fun and be challenged all at once with SSX Blur. Even if there is not enough wii-motes to go around, my son and I share in the task. I steer with the nunchuck and he does stunts with the wii-mote. For us that was a blast, and we conquered together! The directions are clear, quick and easy to learn, so therefore very rewarding. Ride on!

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Even with Patience only somewhat rewarding

posted by huktongamz (ENTERPRISE, AL) Mar 6, 2007

Member since Aug 2005

1 out of 3 gamers (33%) found this review helpful

CONTROLS CONTROLS CONTROLS!!!!!! If you get aggrivated with Learning curves in games, DO NOT rent this. If you have Patience go for it its a blast at times. Everyone says to just give it a while and practice and you'll be shredding before you know it. But you'll realize that just when you thought you had the hang of it here comes more learning curves. SLALOM in my opinion was designed to test your patience and or entice you to throw your nintendo wii off a ten story building. That being said the other events arent so bad. Using the nunchuck to groove the slopes is ok but I have lots of trouble with the response turning to the right. VERY aggrivating!!!! So I've set the controls to 100 percent control stick. Ive been playing this game for about 4 hours now and, "have the hang of it" (If thats even possible) and I would turn it back in to gamefly if the only other choices for Wii games weren't stupid DISNEY MOVIES!!!!!! Stick with it it does get very fun once your in tune with the controls but make sure before you start to lock your Wii in a nice locked box thats unbreakable and go out and buy a few more wii-motes and nunchucks!!!!

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posted by Bulkoth (STATE COLLEGE, PA) Mar 27, 2007

Member since Sep 2006

3 out of 11 gamers (27%) found this review helpful

This game is not even worth a rental, the control scheme is terrible, trying to incorporate too much motion control into a game that really didn't need any. You'll find yourself flicking the wrong wrist or turning slightly as you go to make a jump and instead of the desired result that could have been a button press away you find yourself planted into a pole or jumping a second too early and cresting right over that ramp you were aiming for.

The graphics and menu system and everything about this game seemed wonderful but the overuse of motion controls breaks the whole thing. It becomes more managable with time but I wouldn't recommend you wasting your time. The game simply sucked and you'd be better off waiting for a game that was inspired by good gameplay rather than one which was inspired by making you flail like a chimp.

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