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Tough Cookies

posted by jacob20985 (BEDFORD, NY) Mar 14, 2007

Member since Dec 2006

In this game the controls are almost impossible and it's extremely tough to handle. I would not suggest this game because of the gameplay. The amount of focus needed to be successful makes it unenjoyable.

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i hoped it would be better and it was not wat i ho

posted by omega000 (YOUNGSTOWN, OH) Mar 13, 2007

Member since Feb 2007

all i can say about this title is that it did not live up to what i was "hyped" to believe. I found the controls to be so unresponsive that i could not preform to any acceptable level. I have played this franchise for a long time and hoped that this would be as fun as the previous titles. I play video games to have fun, not to attempt to pull off the same uber trick for almost an hour with no result. I shipped this game back the day after i got it.

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Could of Been A Lot Better

posted by punkrockin (SAINT PAUL, MN) Mar 13, 2007

Member since Oct 2005

SSX Blur has a good concept going for it but that's about it in my opinion. The controls are difficult, the courses are hard, even the tutorial is difficult. I am sure if you put a lot of hours in this game you can get better and make something of it but in my opinion it's not worth all that. Wii games seem like they should be pick up and play. That's the whole point of the system, not to get the gamer frustrated.

The Good
I really like the graphics in this game. There smooth and cool to look at. The environments are really detailed and look very good. I also like the style of game play this game has. It's a fast paced crazy trick snowboarding game. Exactly like Freekstyle but with snowboards.

The Bad
The controls in my opinion are too much. There is two much going on to even comprehend anything. I also think that the sensor isn't used very well in this game because it's really hard to turn by tilting the the nun-chuck. If your trying to pull off some crazy tricks then your going to be looking like a monkey swing around the sticks like a wild man. The levels are also very difficult considering the controls.

I would still try this game out just keep in mind your going to have to put a lot of time into it and you are going to get frustrated.

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