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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Vote off when you die

To vote someone off your team online when you die, press Circle. Then, go to "Teammates" and select the person who you want to vote off. Then, press X on "Vote Off." REMEMBER: If you camp and hide, you will probably not die. Also, you must at least get four votes on that player before they are voted out.

Name colors

Prefix your name with one of the following strings to display your name with the following color. REMEMBER: Put a space between the prefix and your name. Black: #C Orange: #C~@ Green: #C!~ Yellow: #C~~ Blue: #C! Red: #C~!

Buttons in names

Enter the following when you want to make a button graphic in your name. For example, like if you want to make a name such as "X- Factor", type _52_Select_MSG or Message to create the "X" button, followed by the rest of the name. X: _52_Select_MSG Circle: _338_VoiceChatAll_MSG Up/Down: _153_ScrollListChat_MSG Select: _331_EnterName_MSG Triangle: _51_Back_MSG Left/Right: _208_SwitchFire_MSG R1/R2/L2/L1: _343_TextChat_MSG Square: _241_CreateGame_MSG

Extracting Mr. Pickle

In the mission where you rescue Mr. Pickle, equip Kahuna with the claymore. When you capture Mr. Pickle, do all the other objectives besides "Extract Mr. Pickle". Get to the main gate where you would go if you followed the bridge. Place a claymore near the gate with the "jail cell" bars. Get your team away from it then let it explode. The gate will blow up, allowing you to easily extract Mr. Pickle.

Bonus objectives

There are many different ways to achieve bonus objectives. In almost every level, you can complete a bonus objective by listening in on conversations (for example, in the first level, sneak up and hide in the bushes from the first two sentries), or there are other ways by gathering intel, capturing Bosses, recon sentries, or blowing something up (for example, in the last level, place C4 on the helicopter).

Quickly get higher ranks

Usually the best way to get a higher rank is to get MVP in the rounds. Also try killing people who are higher in rank than you. For example, if your an ensign, kill a lot of lieutenant commanders and captains. Also avoid dying. REMEMBER: If your team wins a lot of rounds, you also go down in rank

Easy surrenders

To get a person to surrender easier, equip yourself with a stun grenade. Go into a mission and sneak up on the enemy. Do not be seen, then throw the grenade at him/her and run away/look away. This is useful when you have to capture Bosses. You can then restrain them when they surrender.

Seeing without night vision goggles

Change the contrast on your screen or your brightness for dark levels on multi-player and single player levels. This will make night vision goggles not necessary.