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Really Bad

Socom 4

posted by Tony717 (LANCASTER, PA) Jul 8, 2011

Member since Jul 2011

9 out of 11 gamers (82%) found this review helpful

The game is a farce its not the same socom that I've been playing for the last five years the developers really ruined the game. The movement and overall gameplay should have been more in line with the previous editions of the game and included enhanced maps from all of the games luckily I have gameFly and didn't buy the game......very disappointed!!!!!

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Game is GOOD

posted by Raven11 (SANTA ANA, CA) Apr 19, 2011

Member since Jan 2010

19 out of 25 gamers (76%) found this review helpful

I've been a fan since Socom 1. For me, this socom is nothing like socom 1 n 2. But it is pretty good! There are some things that can be changed but nothing that will make you stop playing it. Most of you are trying this game out for the multiplayer. Reminder, this is not COD. You do not just run and gun. There are objectives that need to be achieved. Socom is about teamwork so please cooperate!!!. If not then just stick to COD. just wished you were able to get into a party then join a game with your friends!... i recommend buying it because its an online game and addicting too!!! yall out there!!!

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Very Good

SOCOM 4 is a great comeback from CONFRONTATION

posted by Ardilla3 (DURHAM, NC) Apr 25, 2011

Member since Feb 2010

27 out of 36 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

First things first: You already know to ignore the morons with horrible grammar. If they can't string a sentence together, who knows where their minds are when it comes to judging a game (much less anything else).

Okay, now for the "nitty-gritty". I purchased the SOCOM 4 bundle. I love playing this game with the SHARPSHOOTER gun using the MOVE & NAVIGATION controllers. You just need to make sure you read (and understand) the settings for the different sensitivities, etcetera. I don't recall which option it is at the moment (the PSN is down, so I haven't played lately), but there are 3 options for this particular setting: FOCAL, MODAL, and QUICK. Choosing QUICK allows you utilization of the L2 button to, basically, make you the Right Analog stick. The game is much easier this way for ME (assuredly not everyone will enjoy this method).
I prefer C.O.D. to SOCOM because I prefer the 1st person aspect. I prefer to run-n-gun, but I also love chess (which means I am comfortable with strategies and tactics, which is needed for SOCOM).
I also want to address the issue of graphics. The graphics in this game are great, anyone in disagreement is likely spoiled by technology (or younger than 25), and obviously not familiar with the graphics of previous installments.

Bottom Line: SOCOM 4 is a great comeback for ZIPPER from CONFRONTATION (which was a disgrace). If you are a fan of the SOCOM series, you will definitely want to purchase this one. If you are a fan of 3rd person shooters, you will definitely want to at least rent this game. If you like 1st person shooters, then this game will just frustrate you. If you just like shooters in general, definitely give this a go. I also think everyone should try to play with the SHARPSHOOTER, as it adds a different element of FUN. Just remember to set the sensitivities for the controllers, and if you aren't sure of what does what, GOOGLE it (that is exactly how I figured it out).

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