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SOCOM 3: U.S. Navy Seals


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it cant get worse

posted by gameman247 (EL CAMPO, TX) Oct 20, 2010

Member since Oct 2010

you cant get this game its not good in fact it cant get worse i do not recomed it this game sucks

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posted by Trigcove (Beltsville, MD) Sep 5, 2009

Member since Aug 2009

Now I know its been awhille since this games release but i felt like i needed to let people know about this socom entry. First I will say if you never played socom 1 or 2 then this will seem like an ok game but it actually is a step down in a lot of ways. Its predessors are superior in both graphics and gameplay.The graphics are a muddy jumbled mess.

I know why, this game supports 32 people in one room on a ps2 engine that aint no easy feat. Also it has a lot of dashboard stuff like message boards and the like. The weapons also needed to be expanded for some strange reason but with more weapon add ons you are actually bogged down on the battle field. Personally that is not cool or fun to me to have to jog slowly cuz i put a scope on my m16. Its a sucky trade off. Then you have vehicles wich arent bad axcept your avatar just teleports insidethe seats. It really takes you out of the game. socom to is better in a lot of ways looks better and you can actually play the single player without feeling cheated most people dont play the single player portion becouse of how horrible it plays. Its like they went backwards in graphics and forward in dashboard addons that we really dont need.
As a fan of socom 1 an 2 I got this game the day it came out and I was very VERY disapointed there are fans who regardless of how bad they mess up a game will still praise it but im all about a good solid gam and this aint it (never thought i would ever tell omeone not ot get a socom game but its true ) . And oh bye the way i was actually good at all the socom games incl..3 just was too horibble to look at and play made me want to play socom2. At least there i know i can get into a realistic firefight with good graphics and not run around for one hour trying to find a target or vehicle. Do yourself a favor and get soco 2!

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posted by Stoudemart (NEWBURY PARK, CA) Aug 1, 2006

Member since May 2006

Socom 3 was a decent game. It is by far the worst socom available. You must download a 3500 kb patch to your memory card which takes up about half its memory. It is hard for amateurs to pick up and being playing online, which can lead to extreme frustration. The graphics are worse than any of the previous socoms and the vehicles don't really do much damage. Some praises I have about this game is the online service is lag free and there are plenty of people in the lobbies. However, this is a game that requires alot of practice to become good. The frustrations will mount for begginers, but with enough time playing this game I am sure its possible to become better.

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