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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Bonus items

Complete a single player game under the indicated difficulty setting to unlock the corresponding item. Front Grip: Captain difficulty. Medium Scope: Captain difficulty.

Connection bonuses

Link to a PSP with SOCOM 3 Fireteam Bravo and After finishing the indicated task you will unlock the following bonuses, other than the standard way. Front Grip: Complete South Asia. Medium Scope: Complete the South Asia. IW-80 A2: Complete the Poland. STG-77: Complete Poland. Al-Kamil Sarwat (North Africa Terrorist): Complete North Africa. Dr. Basia Mironova (Poland Terrorist): Complete Poland. Chopper (South Asia SEAL): Complete South Asia.

Heart Of The Fist Sick raider

When you find the third crate of the ship's cargo, there is an outhouse next to the tent. If you stand in front of the door you can hear a raider complaining about the soup he ate.

Ripostes Primer Avoiding snipers

At the beginning of the mission where you rescue the ambassador, sweep the area. When it is clear, walk up the path and. When you reach the stairs, go up and stop at the top. Turn right and walk. You will see a patch of grass and a tree. Keep going straight and you will reach a dead end. Look to the left and you will see a secret passage. Go through, and when you get to the other side there will be a guard. Kill him and move stealthily. The two snipers on the roof will not notice you there. Take them out, then continue your mission.

Funny comment

Play the mission where you have to escort a friendly and get information from villagers. After you get the information from the second person, silently eliminate every terrorist in that village. Then, sneak up on the outhouse and sit in front of it. After about thirty seconds you should hear a terrorist scream "Oh God-- how can you be constipated and have diarrhea at the same time?".