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Okay game for a card game. Too bad the bug ruins

posted by desktop (FORT WAYNE, IN) Jul 2, 2007

Member since Apr 2006

too bad the bug ruins it. I would loved to keep this game for 12 and change but with the major bug the game isnt worth 5 bucks. Im shocked gamefly is selling broken games. They recalled them all

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Potential Never Realized

posted by JAlexander (BAKERSFIELD, CA) Jun 25, 2007

Member since Jun 2007

At first glance SNK vs Capcom seems like the perfect way to remember the diverse characters and history of games from 2 longstanding videogame companies. But once the nostalgia wears off, you're left with a barely competent card game and an obtuse user-interface that hinders gameplay.
The graphics are visually dull, the card artwork itself is nice, but the animations are unappealing and frequently recycled.
The game make a valient effort to use the touchscreen as much as possible, but the controls could have been much more streamlined and better laid out.
The gameplay itself takes a while to grasp, but the card-game mechanics have nothing really unique or compelling to make the sucessive battles more interesting than the first few.
The game contains a few minor bugs, and one huge glitch that makes the final battle impossible to finish and save. Suffice to say that neither replay value nor the production value is very high.
Ultimately, this is a game that held a lot of promise, the first SNK vs Capcom game in nearly a decade, one that could have revitalized the entire brand. But poor implementation and a lazy card system smothered this game past mediocrity into the realm of just plain bad.

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Gold Wrapped in Trash

posted by Hubris (AUSTIN, TX) May 25, 2007

Member since Dec 2006

I'm torn with how to react to this game: at its core is a fairly competent if simplified card game with a certain degree of challenge and customization. It doesn't take long to pick up, but a while to actually master, and too much rests on who wins the opening die roll sometimes. On top of that, sometimes you simply go up against opponents who feel too difficult to actually beat. All of this aside, the actual card game is fairly enjoyable.

Which is why its frustrating that it is presented so poorly. Beyond just the now infamous game-breaking glitch, the awful translations, repetative sprites and simply boring storyline, the whole thing just smacks of laziness. This no-frills approach has become SNK's trademark as of late, and its very discouraging that a game that has such a good core is packaged so horribly. In a sense, I really wish that this game would come out as an actual card game rather than me having the struggle with the second-string digital package that SNK provides here. Still, good for a few hours until the structure drives you absolutely mental.

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