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BAD BAD translations.

posted by belmont (CONCORD, CA) Apr 28, 2007

Member since Mar 2005

The translations in this game stink! The card attributes and effects are so poorly translated at times you can't even guess what they'll do. Good luck with that! It's a shame cause otherwise the game is fun. I will probably return this game.

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Fighters don't make Card Games

posted by McCloud (ROME, GA) Jul 12, 2007

Member since Jun 2007

Okay, against my better judgement, I decided to rent this game and boy do I want to shoot myself right now... This game sucks, so time for me to start telling you why.

The storyline is really terrible. You play a kid at a school for card battling and out of nowhere people start disappearing and you have to climb a big building and defeat all the duelists on each floor to use the elevator. Yu-Gi-Oh! GX anyone?

Ok, so for all of us Capcom vs. SNK fans out there, this is the biggest flaw in the game... When you enter battle, there are no cinematics showing your favorite fighter fighting your opponent. You just get a generic little thing where my card might shoot your card. The gameplay is BORING!!! There is no strategy, just collect gems to send out more fighters, the stronger the fighter the better chance you have of winning, no power-up cards, just card fusion so you can use 2 cards to take on 1 and take your opponents HP little by little. That's not strategy, it's just completely lame. Oh and when you are not in battle... you can't control on where you walk, you just select an area and he goes there for you. Personally, I like exploration so I knocked points off for this.

Music sucked, sound-effects sucked, just about everything in this game was awful... but in its defense I have played worse games in my life time, so I tried to cut it some slack as far as card battle games go, there are just better games of this genre so I HIGHLY recommend you look into Metal Gear Ac!d 1 or 2, or Yu-Gi-Oh for the DS.
I cannot recommend this title to anyone.

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SNK vs. Capcom Csrd Fighters DS

posted by Lanser (PORT JEFFERSON STATION, NY) May 8, 2007

Member since May 2007

When you think of a good card game, you usually dont think SNK or Capcom. There is a good reason for this. First off, SNK vs. Capcom is visually as dull as an episode of NOVA. And the gameplay is serverely flawed. There is a force system that determines how you deal or use your cards that will have you immediately burning like 5 of the six cards in your hand.After that youre only dealing with like 1 card at a time. There is also a totaly cheesy story fit with all the characters you really couldnt give 2 you know whats about. I'm sure there are other good portable card games out there, but this just isnt one of them. I was going to buy this game but thanks to Gamefly all i have to do is send this piece of junk back to them. THANKS GAMEFLY!!!!

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