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Beware! Game Unbeatable due to Glitch

posted by muymanwell (SAINT LOUIS, MO) May 2, 2007

Member since Nov 2005

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As a huge fan of the first Snk vs. Capcom Card Fighter Clash on the Neo Geo Color Pocket, I had eagerly anticipated the arrival of this title. Unfortunately, disappointment soon set in, as I realized that not only had the game mechanics undergone a complete overhaul, but so had the storyline and overworld, and not for the better.

Instead of the free-roaming, city-based overworld that I had loved so much in the initial installment, there was a static, repetitive, and locked-in tower setup, with no chance to move anywhere but to your next battle and the shops.

As for the mechanics, they fully re-did the system, moving to a gem (cough)mana(cough) based system, where there are 4 colors of gems, and additionally a basic gem color, which any of the 4 colors can be used to pay for. This multiple color set-up allows for some diversity, but usually it causes overall frustration, as the game starts you with a deck playing all 4 colors, and it takes quite a while before you can get enough cards to change your deck to a more controllable 3 colors, and eventually more sane 2 colors. Also, the system is clearly geared towards playing 2 set colors, leaving you looking at the few great cards in the two left out colors and wonder why it would be set that way.

The AI in the game has been weakened greatly. The computer infrequently if ever uses cards/abilities correctly, and can't even manage to block attacking cards correctly to keep itself alive. That, in addition to the over-powered, under-costed cards, leads to many battles ending within 3-4 turns. Early in the game, you'll be able to consistently win in under 5 turns, as long as your hand isn't horribly drawn.

As for the GLITCH, on the 9th floor of said tower, there is a charater named JOHN on both sides of the tower. After defeating him, if you talk to him again, the game freezes. This isn't an issue the first time through, but for the new game+ (req'd for completion) it freezes the first time, so you're stuck.

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Good but...

posted by Benglaas (PHOENIX, AZ) Aug 8, 2007

Member since Dec 2006

SNK vs Capcom Card Fighters was a decent game at least soemthing you might want to try. There was a few things that I had problems with though one was the person model type. and the people you encounter except bosses are the same model with different colored hair or clothes. They could have put a little effort into it. The other problem I had was how hard it was to earn money aswell as complete some of the goals like find this card to advance. That's like a needle in a haystack.

Once you get past all the collecting and cheesy dialogue is a pretty ok game. the battle scenes are not fancy but it is something to keep you interested. I would rate the game 7/10 WAY better than the first one

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Fighters don't make Card Games

posted by McCloud (ROME, GA) Jul 12, 2007

Member since Jun 2007

Okay, against my better judgement, I decided to rent this game and boy do I want to shoot myself right now... This game sucks, so time for me to start telling you why.

The storyline is really terrible. You play a kid at a school for card battling and out of nowhere people start disappearing and you have to climb a big building and defeat all the duelists on each floor to use the elevator. Yu-Gi-Oh! GX anyone?

Ok, so for all of us Capcom vs. SNK fans out there, this is the biggest flaw in the game... When you enter battle, there are no cinematics showing your favorite fighter fighting your opponent. You just get a generic little thing where my card might shoot your card. The gameplay is BORING!!! There is no strategy, just collect gems to send out more fighters, the stronger the fighter the better chance you have of winning, no power-up cards, just card fusion so you can use 2 cards to take on 1 and take your opponents HP little by little. That's not strategy, it's just completely lame. Oh and when you are not in battle... you can't control on where you walk, you just select an area and he goes there for you. Personally, I like exploration so I knocked points off for this.

Music sucked, sound-effects sucked, just about everything in this game was awful... but in its defense I have played worse games in my life time, so I tried to cut it some slack as far as card battle games go, there are just better games of this genre so I HIGHLY recommend you look into Metal Gear Ac!d 1 or 2, or Yu-Gi-Oh for the DS.
I cannot recommend this title to anyone.

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