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SNK Arcade Classics Volume 1


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"SNK Classics": Nostalgia goes only so far

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Aug 2, 2008

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SNK Arcade Classics Volume One takes some of you back to the arcade games between 1990 and 1996. The rest will take a good look at what games look back eleven to seventeen years ago.
This collection has 16 games (which is a lot of games), including favorites such as Samurai Showdown, Metal Slug, and Magician Lord. But there are also unknowns such as NEO Turf Masters, Shock Troopers and The Next Glory: Super Sidekicks 3.
Each game has been preserved with all of the cutting edge graphics and sound - in the early to mid 1990's. Today, they just look blurry, grainy and plain awful.
They also play just like they did back in those days; your best control setup is the WiiMote/Nunchuck combo; it gives the easiest movement.
Each games has goals: beat the game on easy/medium/hard/insane, get through a level without losing a life, get a birdie, get a double play, and so on.
But the rewards for beating the goals aren't very good; you get artwork for the games (which look bad), videos for the games (which are choppy and also look terrible), music (which is okay) or you get the move list for certain characters in Art of Fighting, Fatal Fury, King of the Monsters, Samurai Showdown, The King of Fighters '94, Top Hunter, and World Heroes.
That's right; starting off you don't have the move list to any characters in any of the fighting games.
Why make us jump through hoops to get those lists of moves? If we've bought the game, we should get all these moves up front.
Fans of SNK games won't be disappointed, but there's no reason why the rest of you should take this trip back in time.

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Aside from quirks I liked it.

posted by SlajeD (WESTFIELD, IN) Jan 4, 2012

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After reading the reviews I had low expectations here, only to see that my kid and I logged in hours on this laughing at translation errors and goofy quirks in each game. This is by no means a masterpiece but if you can appreciate what it is, you will find the fun in it. I know not everyone will agree but personally I will be buying this title.

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I wanted to like it

posted by JohnBinLA (REDONDO BEACH, CA) Mar 4, 2009

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These collections often don't have the best games. Why should they, when the best games are able to sell on their own?

But a lot of these games are duds.

I've been playing games ever since I could reach the controls on Galaga and Pacman, so I love arcade games. But 6 of the games on here are so sucky that I barely remember them, or don't remember them at all.

SNK should've at least put games that were all decent.

That fact alone earns it my rating of 4.

There are some games I like, like Baseball Stars 2, Metal Slug, Samurai Showdown, and King of Fighters.

On a side note, since these are old games, don't expect any use of the Wiimote other than the d-pad and buttons. I don't hold this against them either, since none of these games were designed with the Wii in mind.

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