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SBK Superbike World Championship

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Fun game could be better

posted by bigdog63 (INDIANAPOLIS, IN) Apr 9, 2010

Member since Aug 2006

This game is fun the graphics are good but the game play is kinda of boring the their is no career mode just a season and championship mode at least i don't remember it was fun but all you did was race nothing else. i did buy it but sold it shortly after to get a better game. so if all you want to do is just race then this game is right up your ally but if you want more then don't waste your breath. i gave this game a four cause it was fun at first but after a while it got extremely boring they could of done a lot better job making this game but it looks like they just wanted to put a game out so they just did what they had to and nothing more. so if you want to play a motorcycle racing game that gets to the racing then this is for you but that is all it does just races.
Keep on playing.

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posted by 6378slagle (COLORADO SPRINGS, CO) Nov 7, 2009

Member since Apr 2008

This game sucks compared to the MOTO GP series.
Handling unrealistic, you over steer to much you have to really hit the breaks to make turns instead of just down shifting. If you ride and you want a game to match hit up the MOTO GP series.

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Really Bad

Beating a dead horse

posted by Skandall (SANDY, UT) Oct 14, 2009

Member since Oct 2004

In short, don't bother with this one. I'm sorry to say this as I'm sure the developers put in all the effort that they could given the time and budget the producers allowed them, but unfortunately the end result is little more than a visually dismal and overall lacking product. The biggest problem is that the visuals are just not up to par with what one expects from a next gen console (save for maybe if this had been a launch title). That aside, this game suffers from the same problem that every other motorcycle racing game suffers from; controls. A motorcycle is driven not by handlebars, but rather by the riders entire body. Your lean angle is a result of pushing down on a foot peg (or counter-steering, depends on who you learned from but I tend to think Freddie Spencer knows what he's talking about). The rider feels what the bike is doing and that feeling contributes to their control. That feel is also basically impossible to replicate in a game. Furthermore, and perhaps more importantly, when you're riding, your head is not fixed forward!!! The rider has to look at his braking point, then he looks to the corners exit, and then to the spot on the track where he wants to be when he exits the corner. You cannot do this in these games and that contributes to making them so hard to control. Perhaps we should control where the rider is looking rather than lean angle. Of course, ideas like that will never happen because publishers only want developers to do what worked last time. Maybe one day publishers will allow a game designer to try something new, something that works, and then we can all have a motorcycle racing game worth playing

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