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Rygar: The Battle of Argus

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Rygar smash... constantly

posted by JCDenton (FREEDOM, NH) Feb 18, 2009

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Rygar: The Battle of Argus takes a good idea and drives it into the ground. Some things go well, but it essentially falls apart in the end.
First, the good news. Rygar's trademark shield of death on a chain works very well here and being able to smash most of the environment is a nice (if repetitive) touch. You get three shields throughout the game and can upgrade each to level three. You'll also collect mystic stones by exploring the landscape which upgrade your weapons' abilities.
Now for the bad news. Rygar is plagued with technical issues. The camera hates you. Fixed camera angles will remind you of the original Resident Evil. The game doesn't know what viewpoint it wants to represent. And sometimes, the view you really need is off the screen completely.
Contact sensitive latching targets, sketchy movement controls and bad jumping sink a game that had promise.
The game has a story and cut scenes which don't help the experience. Boss battles range from "just keep on pressing A" to "how the #$&% do I hurt this guy!?" And all the slashing and smashing gets repetitive quick.
If you do like the game, you can unlock Hard and Legendary difficulty settings, which you'll need to extend gameplay. Once through on Normal takes about five hours.
The game offers you a gladiator mode as well, which is basically an arena battle system. Utilizing the Wiimote motion controls, this is functional and almost easier than conquest mode. It's very short and simple, but adds to gameplay.
The Wii could really use a good action game. That's one of the reasons Rygar is so disappointing: it could have filled a much-needed niche in the Wii library, but doesn't. You can skip this one and wait for something better to come along.

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Above Average

Good looking only last so long!

posted by purelg98 (MORRIS, IL) Mar 2, 2009

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Being a big fan of the original, I couldn't wait for the release of this one. Unfortunately, the wait was way too long and the playing way to short. Although the graphics were beautiful and the gameplay ok, the 4 hours it took to complete the game left me wanting more. Sure you can play gladiator mode or one world mode to beat your times, but still a maximum of ten hours or so and that's all you can squeeze out of this diskarmor. If they make a sequel, hopefully they do, I hope they make it at least twice as long, three times would be ideal. If you need something fun to keep you busy on a Saturday afternoon get this one, but wouldn't buy it just rent, beat, and return.

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The "Battle of Argus" that should be avoided

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Feb 5, 2009

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The titans in this game are ones to forget; they're out to take over the world from humans and gods alike.
In Rygar: the Battle of Argus, you play the title character. He's armed with a Discarmor, a massive Yo-Yo that kills many enemies, sometimes with ease.
During your journey, you can pick up two more Discarmors, and each one can be made more powerful by trading in points. These points are orbs found by defeating enemies or by destroying some structures.
But let's face it, all I did here was beat up bad guys while wandering about the game board.
There's nothing wrong with a good beat them up game, but Rygar isn't a good beat them up game.
The fixed camera is the first problem; going from one area to the next can be very jarring as the camera switches from ground level to an overhead shot and back.
The camera can also hide possible exits because you can't move it at all.
Another problem is the mapping system is not very well done. In the second level known as the Fields, the on screen map vanishes and I'm left wandering about, looking for possible exits. Getting lost is very easy to do here.
Besides, every level plays out the same; look for key to open door, then open door, then go through open door, then repeat again - and again - and again. The key hunt gets really boring really fast.
Later in the game, the makers make me wander through the earlier levels to search for some power so I can open a door, and that's when the game stops being boring and starts getting on my nerves.
It's a good thing there's the Gladiator Mode where I can take my frustration out on the bad guys. But even that got boring after five levels.
Rygar: The Battle of Argus needs a better mapping system, better level designs and a mobile camera. SKIP IT.

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