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GF Rating


Should be a standard in RPGs.

posted by lordkor (MANAHAWKIN, NJ) Jan 31, 2014

Member since Mar 2008

It's rare I'd ever give a game such a high rating and honestly at first I wasn't. But it really does deserve it. The game starts off real slow so you need to bare with it for maybe an hour if that. Once you progress a little through the story it really opens up. What made the game incredibly addictive as the numerous things you can do besides questing. You can fish, craft weapons, accessories, furniture, make food, plant and harvest crops and minerals just to name a few. There are probably hundreds of things you can make. Also, just about everything you do you can "Skill Up" whether it's running, jumping, haggling, fighting, talking, just about ANYTHING so you can spend tons of time just on that alone. Also, instead of every NPC being a statue and standing in the same spot all the time, the NPCs wander the island, go into buildings, or even leave the island altogether. You can talk and befriend everyone and even give them gifts. Time wise, the game has four months: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter and each month has 30 days. So as you explore or sleep days progress and the environment changes to match as do the characters. There are events like birthdays and festivals and competitions which adds a new breath to the RPG series. Quests are completed via a job board and can be anything from a monster hunt to a simple delivery job. The only issue I had is the jobs. You have to accept one from the board, go talk to the character to activate it, complete it, then go find the character again. It can be time consuming. Also, you can only take on one quest at a time which is a minor issue. You also get a giant golem that you control to explore the ocean and fight monsters.

Hundreds of creatable items.
Time progression.
Changing of seasons.
Dozens of skills to advance.

One quest at a time.


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GF Rating


Outstanding Game!

posted by MrNeedlemouse77 (SACRAMENTO, CA) Nov 5, 2013

Member since Nov 2013

Seldom are we given an rpg game that doesn't lose its luster in the first couple hours. Rune Factory Tides of Destiny trumps this conception and does more than that. I've never played a more open ended game that immersed me more in the story than Rune Factory TOD. There are countless things you can spend your time doing, you want to spend the day walking around talking to people? Ok. You want to complete challenges for villagers? Sure. You want to flirt with the local girls? (or guys later on) Why not? Traverse the sea and fight hordes of monsters on countless islands? Absolutely. Or do you just want to farm, take in the sights, or attend the various festivals in the town? You can do that and much much more! There is a major amount of gameplay time and while most of the time this would make the game boring, i found myself playing rune factory tod for hours on end without any slow down. Throughout the game when I thought I had finished the story I was always wrong, there was always something else to do. And even after you finish the entire game (which would be at least 40-50 hours of gameplay) there is STILL more things you can do. And where the game may lack in graphics and realism, it makes up for with its ingenuity, interaction, and sense of reward and accomplishment around every turn. Every last detail I can describe about this game is just phenomenal: the story, the length, the voice acting, the animation, the open ended storyline, and the overall Rune Factory TOD universe. I've given many days, weeks, and even months of my life to this game and I am not ashamed one bit. I had never even played a Rune Factory game until I decided to pick up this one on a complete and utter impulse. If you are a lover of interactive rpg games like I am, then you will be overjoyed to pick this game up. I would give this game 11 out of 10 but since I can't, I hope this long-winded review is enough to convince you to pick up this masterpiece of a game.

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GF Rating

Really Bad

Tides of Disappointment...

posted by Sageous (COLUMBUS, OH) Jul 27, 2013

Member since Jul 2013

I was expecting more from this, having watched a video on it. But once I started playing, I was immediately struck by the poor visuals. Annoying dialogue and town exploring take up most of the first few hours. Silly little enemies dot the battlefield. Battles were uninspired and boring. Oh well.

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