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Good, but not Rune Factory-y enough

posted by Daniel_Campbell (CARTERVILLE, IL) Oct 16, 2011

Member since Oct 2011

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The Rune Factory series has always taken the basic act/formula of farming and built other activities around it to flesh out the gameplay experience. That's all changed with Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny.

For some unknown reason the building of a fiscally lucrative and efficient farm has taken a back seat to the other activities in the game. For this reason the game doesn't feel natural to someone who has grown accustom to, and are comfortable with, the Rune Factory formula.

The game still features farming but works in a completely different and uninspired fashion. All of the side activities have been beefed up and improved considerably, but for most Rune Factory fans those things are a side dish with farming being the main course.

If you've enjoyed the Rune Factory games but always wished it didn't have that annoying "Farming" mechanic, then this is the title for you. For vets of the series though, this feels like a departure from the series paradigms to which we have grown accustom.

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Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny review

posted by samurai_kyo45 (THORNTON, CO) Oct 29, 2011

Member since Sep 2011

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My take on this game I have to say is very addicting to me because I have never play anything like this before I was hooked on this game for over a mouth. I heard that this game was from the creators that did harvest moon series. A quick sum of on this game is that the main character is trying to find a way how to separate himself from his childhood friend soul out of his body. The start of the game is slow going but once past all that you will find yourself trying to grow the crops you want, building relationships with the islanders, improving both your cooking and fighting skills. There are a lot of things you will find yourself trying to master while trying to stick to the main story if you don't you will find your self trying to catch up.

My good:

Interacting with people and getting married. (I never got this far)
Growing crops making weapons or cloths for yourself.
The fighting style is like Kingdom hearts or dot hack its not a turn base rpg game.

The Bad:

The bad I have to saw is how slow going it is in the begging.
The other it king of almost takes forever trying to build relationships with people it kind of a slow process.
Lacking the ingredients to make certain things one of the most annoying things you will find yourself in the game.
Wish you can command your monster to grow certain crops instead of just this one.

Overall Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny is a pretty fun and addicting game to me I learn that most of the other Rune factory games are on the Nintendo DS. This could of been also a DS title but since I don't have a DS I'm glad they made it for the PS3 so I give this a 9 out of 10.

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MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted by Eirkur (REDLANDS, CA) Nov 25, 2011

Member since Nov 2011

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if you have played any of the other Rune Factory games forget all you know about the need for seeds or farming tools because this time rune factory is mostly about adventuring out to long lost islands and completing quests for people on your home island, but don't worry you can still grow crop just in an extremely different way to find out more you gotta play the game!
if you are a fan of harvest moon and/or final fantasy (this game is like a combination of the two to an extent) you should rent this game!

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