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Another day in paradise

posted by JCDenton (FREEDOM, NH) Oct 14, 2009

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Rune Factory is a series that gets compared to Harvest Moon quite often. That's unfair because I don't like Harvest Moon and Rune Factory: Frontier is very good.
True, these have some similarities. Both are RPGs centered around farming. However, Rune Factory takes things a step beyond by adding combat and dungeon-crawling. Better yet, your farming aids you in dungeons and vice versa.
It adds some unique twists on the Harvest Moon model as well. Instead of buying farm animals, you tame monsters in the dungeons who give you milk, wool and eggs. Some animals can be used as mounts and others can be trained to perform tasks like watering your garden and harvesting crops. That's right: Rune Factory found a way to take the tedium out of Harvest Moon.
And there's so much to do. You have a bunch of skills to improve. Farming, lumber, fishing, hammer are joined by weapons, magic, crafting, forging, etc. The war trophies and treasures you find in dungeons allow you to improve both farm tools and weapons as well as equipment.
Overall, the combat is simple, but effective. And by continually unlocking dungeons, expanding the story and moving through seasons with the other residents of the town, the game stays fresh.
Now, there are still some flaws. There are way too many load screens. Since your A button controls your tools and interaction, you'll often end up in a dialog box with a monster ally while trying to smack your enemy. There are still tedious activities to perform. Also, if you want to cook 25 pickled turnips, I don't know why I have to select it from a menu 25 times (there should be automation for these things).
I hope Xseed makes another Rune Factory for the Wii. With less load screens, deeper combat, better presentation and automation to streamline tedious activities it could be truly remarkable. Then again, you might still be playing Frontier when that title comes out.

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Very Good

Harvest Moon without the Repetitiveness

posted by Tobikun (PITTSBURG, CA) Jul 26, 2009

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As a major fan of the Harvesy Moon series and RPGs I decided to add RF:F to my Q and I must say I love it. RF:F remains true to its roots as a farming game but the dungeons and monster bashing keeps the game from being way too repetitive as was a problem with most harvest moon games. Yes it is slow in the beggining but it gradually gets better once you get the hang of things. Now onto the true reviewing style.

Graphics: 8/10 The graphics on this game are pretty flawless. the vibrant colors really add to the gameplay experience. Not to mention most of the adult characters don't look like children as they usually di in HM.

Sound: 9/10 the music for this game is solid. Also the addition of voice over work is done quite well.

Overall Gameplay: 8/10 the gameplay was fun and enjoyable as well as smooth. Although it doesn't make full use of the motion sensor tech in the Wii the controls themself are really easy to figure out.

All in all I loved this game and will definitely purchase it when I save up the money to.

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Repetitive, yet engaging

posted by tip2k1 (COCOA, FL) Jan 3, 2010

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This was my first rental from GameFly, and also the first "game" game on my new Wii. I generally like rpg games, but I find this game repetitive, which is something that I do not like. The storyline was uninspired.

Yet, for some reason the game was engaging. I spent the better part of a straight 24 hours playing this game, and yet feeling like I got nowhere in it. The flow of the game was not intuitive, nor did I find any in game help from the characters. I had to turn to the GameFly help/FAQ section to figure out what I was missing, but that did not even help my enjoyment of the game.

At the end of my many hours, I was not left wanting more, I just wondered where my day had gone.

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