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Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon


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A good game but it could use more.

posted by Zeldachase (ALBUQUERQUE, NM) Apr 17, 2008

Member since Aug 2007

This game is fairly good in the beginning and it is easy to get into for a while. The only problem that I could find was that after you upgrade your house and marry a girl, everything seems to slow down. After the house is upgraded you really don't need to farm or explore caves in order to gain money, the only reason to go into a cave is to collect materials for forging which happens to be a real money earner.

Beyond that it is a very good game. It is enough of a deviation the traditional Harvest Moon series that it doesn't feel like your playing a game that you have played before and it only has better graphics but it is also close enough to the original series that it doesn't feel like your playing some thing brand new.

This game is a good renter but definitely not a "buy it" game.

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Rune Factory

posted by froggie (RANTOUL, IL) Apr 4, 2008

Member since Dec 2007

This game was awesome! There are so many characters to know and like. here are so many different things to do on this game that it was never boring. You learn how to make weapons, medicines and jewelry objects that give you protection and power. I totally reccomend it.

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Good addition; could have been better.

posted by UnityK (AKRON, OH) Sep 24, 2007

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OK... I am a huge Harvest Moon fan, and this new offering is a decent addition to the franchise.

The best parts? You finally get to whack creatures with a sword. The cooking makes more sense, since you have to work up skills to create more difficult dishes. Forging is great! It takes mastery, too, which I appreciated. Befriending monsters is interesting and helpful. Finally there's a decent replacement for the sprites. Plus, they are not as tedious to take care as other animals. The dialog with the townspeople is a lot more interesting this time around.

The average parts? Farming is about the same, although there is less of it to do. Collection is the same as the rest of the games (although there is less of it since you only collect in caves and on your land).

The worst parts? Earning money and enough wood at the beginning is tedious. There's only one house upgrade. You eventually have way too much dough. Creating accessories is not as balanced as pharmacy and forging. Cave traveling is redundant. The festivals aren't as fun as in previous incarnations.

Overall, I've enjoyed it.

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