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Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon


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Very Good

Addiction to Mundane Repetitive Tasks!!!

posted by thaOAK (OAKLAND, CA) Apr 22, 2008

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After playing this game for the first 20 minutes, I was ready to put the game back in the envelope I just opened, and get the next game on my Q. Now a week and a half later I’ve barely played anything else, I played almost 12 hours one day (day off, girl gone :). I haven’t played any other version of Harvest Moon except the original on SNES, a game really enjoyed. So when my friend said he rented a Harvest Moon with swords and caves, it went straight to number 2 on my Q (had to get Call of Duty).

Be warned this game isn’t for everyone, to a casual outside observer it will be seen as never-ending repetitive tasks; a completely mundane waste of your time. It’s hard to explain the concept of Rune Factory to onlookers without evoking faces of appalled confusion. I mean a game that revolves around doing yard work, planting seeds, watering seeds, picking ripe fruit to sell for money to buy more crops, I mean how could that possibly be entertaining? It’s amazing how addictive the game play actually is.

The RPG leveling system adds great depth to the foundation set by the first Harvest Moon. Now every main action you do, from shoveling to watering, from attacking to forging, all have their own experience levels that only go up if you perform that action. The crops even have levels going up in value, greatly improving cash flow and efficiency. You can even capture creatures to us as slave labor on your farm or to die for you in battles. Whatever your empire becomes it is all from the fruits of your labor, literally.

Really what the game’s all about is becoming as efficient as possible, which entails perfecting your system until it hums like a well-oiled machine. Figuring out where to focus your time and actions for your maximum benefit is a big part of the fun. Be prepared though this type of game will invade your sleep and torment you within your dreams. If only I could get paid for as much labor as I put into this game, I might actually have a real job.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Good game, but not your normal Harvest moon game

posted by Penelope (MAPLE VALLEY, WA) Aug 23, 2007

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Its not quite like the good old harvest moon you know and love. This is more for those who want to farm less and fight more. Its and interesting addition, but I prefer the normal version. Its not due out till the end of the year though, if it doesnt get pushed again. Its a fun past time while I m waiting for Harvest Moon 2 on DS or the Wii version. Hopefully I will not encounter bugs like the last version for DS that prevents you from finishing the game. So far so good. I do like the addition of the forge to make better accessories and potions and the ability to get monsters that can work your farm every day, not just one task at a time. You can have water and harvest monsters work everyday. Not having to individually feed pets is great too. You just pop the food in the hold for the building or it goes there automatically when you chop it down. You can take your time and drag out the fighting parts till you have time to level up if you are not a quick fighter. It is live based fighting so you have to be quick, but over leveling up helps you take less damage to go farther.

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posted by sheryl20 (OAKLAND, CA) Aug 20, 2007

Member since Apr 2007

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This game is nice, you can befriend wandering monsters to help with your farm, and each has their own special abilities. Also you can Upgrade your skills as you use and create hundreds of items and tools! And about wi-fi connection - you can Communicate and exchange items via Wi-Fi. Grow crops and make friends.

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