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Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon


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Not quite like the classics

posted by AzureSea (ESCONDIDO, CA) Aug 26, 2007

Member since Sep 2006

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When I rented this game, I got a little frustrated and almost sent it back. Luckily, I played some more and finally got the hang of it. It takes a little while to get used to the new battle system. I love that when you don't water the plants they don't die, they just don't grow. It's very useful for when you go into the caves. Then there's the certain plus of the fact that the caves have their own season that never changes. This means that you can grow anything you want from that season all year. So there are a lot of new features that are for the better. I do still wish that I could buy the livestock instead of finding them in the caves. But that's only a minor complaint.

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Not so Harvest Moon

posted by ladylibra92 (LAHAINA, HI) Jul 11, 2011

Member since Jun 2011

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I'm a big fan of the Harvest Moon Series so when I heard about Rune Factory combining Harvest Moon and monster fighting I was really excited. This game however really disappointed me.

The graphics aren't all that wonderful and it's on DS and I know you can't expect much out of graphics because it's the DS.. But compare this to the other Harvest Moon games on DS (Another Wonderful Life & Island of Happiness) this one was really lacking.

What was interesting though was to marry other characters you can't just talk to them everyday and give gifts, certain characters required something else. That was a plus since it's different from all the other games.

This game was really boring and I couldn't finish it so I can't say much about the storyline. This is the first Rune Factory series so I'm willing to give it another chance, I'm waiting for the new on to be released on Wii/PS3 so hopefully that's better than this.

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Farmville Shmarville!!

posted by OldVidiot (MINNEAPOLIS, MN) Jun 1, 2010

Member since May 2010

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A lot of people are spending inordinate amounts of time playing Farmville on Facebook. I've heard of people getting up at 3 am to water and/or harvest crops. I laughed out loud!! Having spent the last three days (Memorial Day Weekend) from awakening to bedtime playing Rune Factory, I will never laugh again.

I had only previously played HM Boy and Girl on my PSP. I quite enjoyed it, but when it was time to return it to Blockbuster, I didn't go into withdrawal or anything. I liked this one so well I ran out and bought a used copy at a local store since it wasn't available to Keep from Gamefly.

Use of the touch screen is phenomenal. Touch your B button item and you can perform that operation multiple times simply by touching the object on the screen. Wanna go faster during this multiple action procedure, hold down the R button (just like running).

The monsters (potential pets) are pretty cool and the swordplay is fun. Growing crops in caves seems improbably without sunlight, but it is still a pretty cool aspect, especially after two days of tornados when your field is a disaster, but your cave crops are still producing.

I'm not fond of the RP (rune point) system of fatigue, but understand that if it weren't there I would just go and go like the Energizer Bunny.

I don't usually write reviews and hope this one is helpful to someone who is undecided about this game, because it is really a LOT of fun.

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