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The best of the old, with improvements!

posted by psolaguna (CAPE CORAL, FL) Jan 31, 2008

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Since I don't believe in reviewing games until you have completed them, I've held off reviewing this game until now. I beat it yesterday, so here we go!

This game does start off slow, it takes a few weeks (in game) to get acclimated to the controls and get your farm up and turning out a profit. There are stores to buy seeds/ accessories, healing medicines, and weapons- however their selection is limited and fairly expensive for someone starting out. This probably frustrates a lot of players, but once you are past this, the game opens up to a very rich experience that mixes a lot of elements successfully. In fact, once you get a house upgrade, the enjoyment factor of the game raises exponentially, making your own weapons, meds, and accessories, and farming the items from monsters fleshes out the game even more.

This game is more complex than HM games, but it is also easy for kids to get into. In fact Natsume seems to have geared it towards kids, with your weapon not killing monsters, just sending them back to their homes, and the hero declaring he must never use his sword against a human. While farming can get repetitive, frustrating for kids, there are monsters you can have water and harvest your crops, and the easiest way of making money is mining in caves (a la original HM games).

I enjoyed this game a lot, as did my 5 year old, although he spent most of his play time farming materials from monsters for me, and drawing on screen shots in the house.

Another improvement in Rune Factory over Harvest Moon is the dating part. First, the girls are more attractive than HM girls, making the decision who to woo more difficult. Also, there is a chart to show you who likes and loves you how much. Much better than just having to guess or extrapolate from colored hearts.

All in all, although this game has simplified farming and simplified dungeon crawling, both parts combine to make an extremely engaging game, that should appeal to fans of both types.

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This Ain't Your Daddy's Harvest Moon

posted by Zakemaster (TORRANCE, CA) Aug 24, 2007

Member since May 2006

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If a man walked up to you fifteen years ago and told you a farming simulator video game would amass a cult following around the world, you'd laugh. But never the less, he'd be right. The Harvest Moon series has spawned a version on multiple systems and popped up in multiple countries all around the world. It's been the same formula every game: farm, get married, farm more. That may sound boring, but somehow, it never was. Still, it seems the developers decided to mix it up a notch. That's where Rune Factory comes in. The tried and true formula of the series hasn't changed, overall. They just added something new. And it spices up the game. It's something I like to call an action RPG.

The series now places you in a serious story, not just one to explain why you're stuck farming. You're put into the shoes of Raguna, who is discovered by Mist, a kind yet odd girl. Very odd. Upon waking, Raguna discovers he seems to have obtained amnesia (gasp!). Mist uses your weakness to her advantage and puts you straight to work on her farm. But all isn't well. As you approach the farm, a monster is lurking there in wait. The valiant hero you are, you must rush to Mist's aid with your trusty hoe in hand.

That's where this game differs from every Harvest Moon in the past. It has battles. Actually pretty fun battles. The battles are all real time, too, so you don't have to worry about wait times or any of that. Don't worry, the system of farming is relatively the same, with a few curve balls thrown in to spice things up, like skill levels, which reflects how good you are at something by how much you do it. You can fight, farm, or mine, but no matter what you're doing, it's fun.

The game takes the best of Harvest Moon, mixes it with some fun fighting and a fun, albeit cliché, story, and gives you the reins. Do you want to only farm and never fight, okay. Do you want to hack and slash to heck and back. Your call. Because in Rune Factory, your virtual life is yours to command.

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Very Good

Much better than expected

posted by StratMan (MIAMI, FL) Jun 11, 2009

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I love the many levels of detail for farming, cooking, gathering, monstering. I have a hard time fitting in all the tasks needed in a day but that's why it's addictive. This will keep my Monster Hunter addiction at bay until the Unite title comes out. Glad that MH doesn't force you to talk to every person after each hunt!

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