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More good changes than bad

posted by tiloho (OSHKOSH, WI) Oct 10, 2013

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I'm only in the 1rst season but there is very little farmland to start with and what there is, is grouped by four instead of nine plots. As in the 3rd version, there is soil quality but there is also an easy solution(a compost bin where you place various grasses). I've defeated 3 dungeon bosses so far, yet still only have access to one little 4X4 dungeon field. Thankfully there are plenty of wood, grass, and stones laying on the ground everywhere else. One of the nice things about this game is the ablity to plant several seasons worth of crops at the same time. Rather than multiple harvests, there is the ablity to pick a certain number of crops from the same plot at once. How many depends on the crop and the harvest report(favorablity of crops during a given week). Another nice aspect is the ablity to stack different levels of items together(except for cooked items and fish which don't stack at all). There is the option of using your "princess points" to increase your backpack size or even build various storage such as refrigerators. I can be very forgetful about whether I have bought something such as furniture so I don't like the ablity to buy multiples of things like stoves and forges, though. I LOVE the seperate backpack storage for magic and rune ablities. I hardly ever use them and they would just clog up my storage. I think you can also sell them in this version. Another problem I had with the last game was the waste of recipe bread because I used it while my level was too low. This game doesn't allow you to eat it unless it's high enough. I love being able to do more quests per day as I successfully complete them. It's great that something accomplished before taking the quest(buying furnishings) counts toward completion. If you're like me you may forget what your last mission was but, if so, all you have to do is check your desk for a reminder. Over all there seem to be more pros than cons to this game and I've barely even scratched the surface.

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Fishing Horse Man Will Not Date Me

posted by Molechan (BOZEMAN, MT) Jun 13, 2014

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I loooove me some Rune Factory. I regret to say I didn't have the patience for the main Harvest Moon series and it's simulation shenanigans. I like my escapism to remain pretty far removed from real life, so when I discovered the more actiony fantasy variant some years ago and got my sweet Casanova wooing on with the bath house lady while stopping global domination via Captain Planet powers, I left Kardia slightly frustrated with turnips but otherwise completely enthralled.
Three more games and a multitude of spinoffs later, not only do we have a bigger world to overload with turnip seeds, not only have your new neighbors reached a level of weirdness containable only by the benevolence of an equally bizarre dragon god, not ONLY can I finally play as a GIRL from the very start of the game, NOT ONLY-
There are simply too many improvements to count. Farming and crafting have been made far less complicated to figure out so as to allow more time spent questing and shmoozing and less time swearing at your crafting table. You can date multiple characters in the same save file and get to know them before pledging your life to one or the other, and marriage requirements seem a bit more obvious than past titles.
This ties in to one of my leading complaints, however. It's obvious the more attached the romantically available characters become to you that not much change in dialogue occurred between the boy and girl MC paths. EVERYONE wants a piece of your hot Earthmate body, doesn't matter who. There's blushing all over the place. Cherry blossoms. Bento lunches. All the girls wanna be my Prince. Not a terribly huge gripe, but a noticeable one.
On the other end, I felt like I zoomed through the world saving story sections pretty fast, compared to RF1 where it took me several seasons just to get through the first cave. Maybe the game mechanics have been simplified a wee too much. Maybe I just sucked more back then.
It is a mystery. Like Horse Man's heart.

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That. Intro.

posted by CasterShells (WIGGINS, MS) Oct 14, 2014

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I felt like I was watching a movie, albeit a very bland and boring one. You get no control over your character and you constantly have exposition thrown at you over and over and over and over. Just when you think the game is about to start, you get more uncontrollable scenes where your character chit chats on while you watch. The sound it makes when someone talks is a slight annoying noise that got old very fast as well.

You get about 5 seconds of play time every now and again, be it a dialogue choice or a small bit where you can move around, not like it matters because it goes away far too quick.

When the game DOES finally start it is so long winded that even after hours and hours of playing you haven't DONE anything. For a game that is supposed to be about dungeon crawling and 'farming' it takes itself FAR too seriously and spouts endless exposition at you making you wonder why you are playing a book.

I like reading, I love story, I love story based games, but I do not think it should take over a half an hour to actually take control of my character, even in an RPG.

It had nice sprite art and the combat seemed like it would be nice. There was a also quite a bit you could do once the game did open up. But the incredibly long intro coupled with more long winded scenes made the game more or less unplayable.

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