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Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon


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Best Rune Factory Game

posted by nadare (AUSTIN, TX) Jun 16, 2013

Member since Aug 2010

This game, in my opinion, is the best Rune Factory game. And I think you should trust my opinion, seeing as I own every single Rune Factory except Rune Factory 4, which hasn't been released yet. It has a very unique story, though it starts off basically the same way as usual, with the main character waking up in a town with no memory. The characters are all unique as well, with many different personalities, some being mysterious and somewhat antisocial (Raven), others being laidback and lazy (Gaius), while others are completely odd and hard to understand (Sophia and her father. I forgot his name...). The side requests are a good thing to keep you busy as you progress through the story, while the main requests often make you progress through the story. The bosses are often either very easy to beat, such as the raccoon in Privera Forest, or very hard to beat where you have to bring someone along and use all your magic seeds. The town and areas outside of town are all very unique and usually well put together, though they are sometimes hard to navigate (I'm not too good at video games... I try, though). All in all, one of the only DS games I play anymore and actually enjoy. I still haven't beaten it though!

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posted by bunnyboy (LEANDER, TX) Dec 22, 2012

Member since Dec 2012

grate it starts slowly but then gets realy fun

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It's ok... but...

posted by Diecry (KINGWOOD, TX) Aug 29, 2012

Member since Aug 2012

I play harvest moon and i do wish for more things to do in harvest moon so i played runefactory, i got bored easily, just like i did in the second one, I recommend this for 10 year old boys. The graphics are nice but it would be nice if they focused a little less detail on the graphics because it is to the point i cant tell if they are a girl or guy. Tame monsters ok a little different from harvest moon or transform into one, which is a wooly. Either it is just not the game for me or the game just isn't very good. I find this to be another rpg game with some flashy new details but lesser addictive qualities. Not to be harsh but it is just not all that great actually i am a little disappointed that you cant be a girl either. I was very disappointed playing this overall.

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