Rent Rumble Roses XX for Xbox 360
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Rumble Roses XX

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Gameplay Controls

PDF Manual
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Rumble Roses XX
GamePlay: For more complete controls, please download the PDF manual.

Directional Pad Move. Step (Double-Tap).
Right Thumbstick Call Out to Crowd
A Button Dash Toward Opponent
B Button Pin. Enter/Leave Ring. Climb On/Off Corner Post. Pick Up/Put Down Item. Release Submission Hold. Release Pin.
X Button Strike
Y Button Grab
Left Bumper Killer Move. Lethal Move.
Right Bumper Guard
Left Trigger H-Move
Start Pause Menu
Combo #1 Right Bumper + X = Reverse Strikes
Combo #2 Right Bumper + Y = Reverse Throws
Combo #3 Left Bumper + Right Bumper = Double X Move