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Rumble Roses XX

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Seriously, its not that bad

posted by GesusFish (Worcester, MA) Apr 24, 2007

Member since Jun 2005

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Okay, okay. I'm not going to try to convince you that you can enjoy this game if you in no way have any interest in the scantilly clad wrestlers. However, the graphics are really polished, and the girls do look good and that kept me interested just long enough to actually get hooked on this game.
Alright, I'll come clean, I love this game and I defend it to everyone so I am biased. But I've also logged about 40 hours into the game and here's the skinny
-Looks great
-Gameplay actually is smooth and easy enough to learn.
-There is a much better variety of moves than in the first game
-CUSTOM ENTRANCE MUSIC!!! That's right, Smackdown vs. Raw for the 360 didn't even bother to do it but Rumble Roses does. You can have your wrestler enter to any song on your hard drive (just set the song as its own playlist). It got big points with me for just this feature alone
-Create a wrestler. It's not bad, not great. But at least its there

-No story mode AT ALL. Nothing. You just play match after match. There are a few match varieties but it all boils down to the same thing. Play a match, hope for a title match.
-Speaking of title matches. You get one at some point AT RANDOM between around 15-60 (you heard me, 60!!!) matches. In 40 hours of gameplay I've won the singles title maybe 6 or 7 times. Winning these title matches is how you unlock most of the characters so this can be frustrating.
-speaking of unlockable characters, there really aren't any. Instead there are "good guy" and "bad guy" versions of the 11 characters. They all play like different characters so it is over 20 differnt ways to play but it still only feels like 11 characters.
-online...nobody plays online. You'l almost never be able to find a game.
-achievements. 40 hours = 50 points. Until I saw the gamercard of the person who did it I thought it was perfectly reasonable to assume that no one on earth hd gotten the full 1000 points for this game

Overall, I loved this game, but you probably won't.

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T&A is not best the thing to make a game about all

posted by BigO2008 (FAIRBURY, NE) Apr 14, 2006

Member since Sep 2004

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I played the game for about five hours before I found I got really tired of the game because all the game come down to is really bad porn. there is a lot more to the game then the first one, like the online is fun and I didn't run in to any problems on online, tag team and the other modes are fun, some of the move are cool and the outfits are very hot. But it takes to long to get in to the game and even longer to unlock all the things in the game about 50 hours to unlock all of the thing in the game with all the girls but there is no way I would play the game for that long just to see more of the same thing I seen in the first hour of the game

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mildly amusing

posted by jkoopa (SANTA CLARA, CA) Apr 12, 2006

Member since Apr 2006

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Rumble Rose XX was entertaining for 15 minutes, the girls look great and the various outfits are a hit.

The gameplay is terrible. Controls aren't very innovative. And the match setup isn't anythng to write about. There aren't any storylines between the characters either.

Definately a renter.

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