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Rumble Roses XX

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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Nyami's costume

By winning the Tag Team belts with Rodeo Drive (Aisha and Dixie) and defend it five times to unlock Nyami's costume from Pop'n Music for Aisha.

Alter egos

By winning the championship title as any character (for example, Reiko Hinomoto). Play as another character (for example, Evil Rose) and defeat the character that previously won the championship (Reiko Hinomoto). You will then participate in a reward match against the character (Reiko Hinomoto) that just lost the championship. By winning the reward match to unlock the losing character's alter ego (for example, Rowdy Reiko).

Alter egos 2

There are three alter egos that cannot be won through title matches. They can only be unlocked in matches not after a title match. To unlock Becky, defeat Candy Cane ten times as Miss Spencer. To unlock Noble Rose, defeat Evil Rose ten times as Reiko Hinomoto. To unlock Yasha, defeat Benikage ten times as Anesthesia.

Lady X and Lady X Subsistence

Once seven characters have held the championship belt, two reward matches will appear sequentially on the arena. If the sixth character to hold the belt was a face character, there will be three reward matches. You must first defeat and unlock their heel alter ego on the Skyscraper. Lady X: Defeat Lady X in the Reward Match. She becomes available in the shop for 20,000 under "Others". Lady X Subsistence: Defeat the tag team of Lady X and Dr. Anesthesia in a Handicapped match. She becomes available in the shop for 30,000 under "Others".

Easy win

Set the difficulty to "Easy". Then, set the "H-Gauge" and "Special Gauge" to fastest fill in "Options". Setting these options do not penalize you in any way. This will unlock Gamerpoints fairly fast.

Unlocking bonuses

Various bonuses are unlocked when you meet certain conditions, which include the following: winning a number of matches without losing too much (winning streak of three); doing so many "Killer Moves", "Lethal Moves", or "H-KO"s in a match or series of matches; maintaining your popularity for a length of time; doing a certain number of taunts (at least one to three per match when safe enough); doing counter-moves; playing all the default players at least once (Aisha, Aigle, Makoto, Dixie, Reiko, Evil Rose, Benikage, Candy Cane, Miss Spencer, and Anesthesia) and; acessing the fighter's stats as soon as a reward is offered (from the locker room).

Unlock Non Non the bear

Highlight Black Belt Demon at the Exhibition mode character selection screen, then hold LT and press A.

Unlock Sebastian the clown

Highlight Mistress at the Exhibition mode character selection screen, then hold LT and press A.


Play as a character in their unique swimsuit at the Skyscraper, Red Valley, Arena, Street, and Island Resort stages. That swimsuit will now be unlocked for purchase for any character for 9,000 in the shop.

Maid costumes

Have each character go to Photo Shoot mode in the locker room to unlock the Maid costume for purchase in the shop.

EVA's Gear costume

By winning the title with a character then successfully defend it five times to unlock EVA's Gear from Metal Gear Solid 3.