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Rooms: The Main Building


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Rooms with a Decent View

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Mar 27, 2010

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It’s part jigsaw puzzle, part maze.
Rooms: The Main Building is all about getting the protagonist from the starting point to the exiting door. To do this, you slide the segments of the room up, down left or right (provided there’s an empty slot for the segment to slide into, or use some magical tool to get around the room.
The early levels have you making the path from start to goal, but it is not long before you pick up a few tricks; you can switch rooms via a dresser, teleport using phones, move water from one room to another (and use a fishbowl to breathe underwater) and so on. Some of these tricks are very ingenious and are well used.
If only the segments making up the rooms weren’t this small. It can get tough to see if a door will let you go both ways, or which impassable wall goes with which segment.
And the segments can get overcrowded with stuff; dressers, phones, keys, fire hydrants, and train stops can easily fill up the tiny segment interior and make it tough for the player to pick the right one (in some levels if you pick the wrong one, you fail the puzzle and have to start over from the beginning)
A lesser problem is some parts of the story mode I didn’t like; our protagonist can be a bit of a dim bulb as he talks with the book.
And some players might be turned off by the fact that if you are stuck on a level in Story Mode, there’s no way out; there’s no hints in the game to help you solve that level.
There are other modes available: you can create your own levels or take on a friend to see who gets to the exit first. There’s also a Challenge Mode, and a Time Trial Mode where you how fast you can solve the puzzles but to get those, you have to finish the game (a really tough task.)
Rooms: The Main Building is made for puzzle lovers (who should get it), but I think it’s a place I’d visit and not take up residence in. RENT IT.

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No fun

posted by decapad (BRONX, NY) Apr 23, 2010

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Hello - this is a fuzzy puzzle game where you have to navigate through several rooms, obstacles & use gimmicky special items to get from point A to point B. I do love a good puzzle & a good challenge mind you - but this really just didn't do it for me at all. Which is extra sad because it's the kind of game I should like! Horrible graphics & music certainly didn't help, and after the initial learning curve the puzzles were really simple. I only lasted a couple hours & had enough. I'll look forward to my next game rather than dwell anymore on this! My best, D.

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Rooms The Main Building

posted by dlp434 (LOUISVILLE, KY) Jan 11, 2011

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Rooms the Main Building is not at all worth playing in my opinion. The graphics are mediocre at best. The basis of the game (the idea) is a really good one but not preformed to it's bst standerds actually it eas not even close. The designers should be regretting ever sponsering or designing the game for it's lack of pretty much everything. I believe that this game has good potential to be a good game with some or alot of designing changes. I believe that he main genre of the game is puzzles meaning it's supposed to challenge your mind and quiz to your best ability's but in no wy dis this hapen as io skimmed by this game without even a paue or a moment to think about the answer. I hope they know for future games like this that puzzling means to make the player take moments at least if not hours at trying to solve or thinking even where to start. To me I wouldn't rent this game any where at anytime. The game did nothing I thought or it even said it would except for follow the story which of course it had to. am not inslted nor ashamed to play the game but mearly stunned at the lack of good quality's it should have. I do hope you take ths review into consideration before you rent and play the game becase it would be a waste of your time and money.

P.S. This is my and olny my opinion and not a serious critic review I am just a fellow gamer that loves gamefly and loves to play video games.

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