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It sure is twisted

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Jul 5, 2009

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The makers of Toogoo Twisted Towers must've spent a lot of time with that kid's toy - the one where you put the square, round or, triangle peg into the square, round or triangle hole.
In this game, you have to get a bunch of shapes from the top to the bottom of a tower. At each level is a circular floor with holes cut in it; namely squares, triangles and stars. In later levels, they add more holes - a circle, then later on a heart (for a total of five.)
From the top of the screen drops several pegs, and you rotate the floor so the peg(s) falls into the hole that matches its shape. It then drops down to the next floor, and you keep on going until you reach bottom.
If peg(s) and hole don't match, then you lose the peg(s). Fill up the bottom floor with a certain number of pegs of all shapes, and you pass the level. If you lose too many pegs you start the level over.
Sometimes the shape stops short of the bottom, you have to get more pegs of that shape to that location to proceed.
Sounds simple, right? Well, the game throws in a few clever twists along the way. Sometimes the floor spins about or has lids that open and close. Time the drop wrong and your peg(s) gets knocked out of play. Sometimes, a creature guards the hole in the floor, and you have to knock it out by accelerating the peg(s) with the C button and hitting it.
And other times, the floor is blocked up by a wall you have to drill through by shaking the Wiimote. The early levels are easy to pass, but these new twists can frustrate players; you really have to concentrate on what shape the peg is and where it is going to drop. Those of you with short patience should not try this game.
Also, due to bad graphics, it's hard to tell where the peg's going making you rely on a sparkly circle outlinging where that peg goes. And the drilling motion is spotty at best, casuing more peg loss.
Twisted Towers has some great ideas, but it's not one for the easily frustrated. RENT IT.

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R U Ready 2 play attention?

posted by Justice32 (TUKWILA, WA) Feb 12, 2010

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Ok if you like puzzeles along with catching blue butterflies fly'n around... "Then this is your GAME!" LOL

Honestly, my 3 year old child loved this game! "To watch!" It does require attention of fitting the pieces in the right they fall floor to floor... layer to layer. Depending on your perspective or skill levels the color of the shape changes!
BTW; That's if you don't look away, (I felt an impulse everytime i saw a blue wings on the screen) catch'n the butterflies around the screen was the most exciting aspect of the game.

Id say perfect for ages 5-9 year olds. Enjoy and play attention! :))

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