Rent Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI for PS2
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Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI

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GF Rating

321 ratings

Gameplay Controls

Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI
Directional Button
Select Map Locations
Left Analog Stick
Move Cursor
Right Analog Stick
Rotate Camera
X Button
Square Button
Scroll Map
Circle Button
Confirm. Advance Turn.
Triangle Button
Return. Display Information.
L2 Button
Display Jump List
L3 Button
Log. Officer History.
R1 Button
Jump to Next Base
R2 Button
Toggle Unit/Facility Info. Toggle Mini-Map.
R3 Button
Rotate Main Map
Start Button
Start Menu
Select Button
Objectives. Glossary. Hints. Officer Evaluation.
Jump to Next Available Unit
Square Button (Hold) + L1 Button or R1 Button