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Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI

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Very Good

Good Strategy Game

posted by Winuvas (DECATUR, MS) Feb 15, 2007

Member since Apr 2004

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Overall, the game itself is good, especially if you are already a fan of the series. The best addition to this game is the tutorial, which goes step-by-step and ensures by the time you finish it that you will have a basic grasp of game functions, something previous versions have lacked. The new graphics are beautiful compared with other games in the series but are nothing special compared with other video games.

The only complaint I have personally with this rendition of the series is that they took out the ability to play as any officer in any time frame. Half the fun was being a plain officer following your leader to glory in RTK 10. Now you are the leader only of your faction.

The create-an-officer setup has gotten better and better as the series has matured, and this one is no exception. The amount of detail that can be worked into characters (including creating entire family lines from the beginning to the end of the era, no small feat) is staggering and welcome for someone like myself who enjoys a lot of detail. For those that don't, there is an auto-generate for names and for entire characters as well.

Overall, try it out. The menus are not as confusing as other entries in the series, the gameplay is smooth and easy to understand, and it is a fun strategy game. Not perfect, but definitely one to try to purchase, especially if you have played others in the series (I have played all of them at one time or another from the first).

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The best yet

posted by kevin80 (LOUISVILLE, KY) May 7, 2007

Member since May 2007

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RoTK 11 returns to the ruler-only style of play that used for the first five installments of the series and was brought back for 9. This may turn off fans of 10's style of play, but anyone that has ever enjoyed 1 through 10 owe it to themselves to give this one a try.
Why? To begin with, the new graphical style is a wonderful addition to the series. Combat has been retooled and now occurs on the game map, as was the case with 9. However, the player has complete control of tactics/strategies and when to utilize them. Duels now have four different fighting stances and officers can now swap out during the duel. Debates are handled by selecting a topic and then using a higher value argument (scored 1,2 or 3 points each.)
City development is entirely new, as each city possesses a limited amount of spaces in which buildings can be placed. Larger cities have more spaces, naturally. It is completely up to the player to choose the type of building they wish to place.
Overall, 11 stands out as my favorite game in the series, despite a few problems. The debate system from 10 seemed more strategic and fun, the development of cities can be completed within a year, cities are no longer restricted by a population, and the computer can be rather inept at times when invading. However, the gameplay is still fun, challenging and provides endless replay value as no two games will ever play out the same.

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Above Average

An interesting game, but not enough improvement.

posted by MrReviewer (WESTBROOK, ME) May 23, 2007

Member since May 2007

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If you're reading this review, you are undoubtedly familiar (at least in part) with Romance of the Three Kingdoms games. The series began on the MSX, even before the NES. Since then, the series has improved by leaps and bounds. However, I feel the series has begun hitting a ceiling of sorts in its gameplay. The series seems to be running out of ideas to keep the gameplay fresh. Previous to XI, the last Romance of the Three Kingdoms games that I spent more than 40+ hours with was RotTK XIII. Since VIII, I am disappointed with how little has been added to the game. The only real standout additions are the new 3-D map and the Debate system. However, I dislike the new 3-D map system. The debate system is one of the most unique ideas I have seen in a video game. But one would do well to remember that unique does not mean 'good.' The debates are awkward and clunky. The graphics (though never a series standout) have improved little if at all, and in this iteration the graphics are actually cell-shaded, which feels out of place to me. However, if you're hard up for a good strategy game, you really can't go wrong with Romance of the Three Kingdoms. However, if you're a longtime series fan, don't expect any astounding leaps in graphics, gameplay, or development ideas.

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