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Rogue Ops


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Also on:GC, PS2
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100 ratings

Gameplay Controls

Rogue Ops

Directional Pad Weapon Select Up/Down. Device Select Left/Right.
Left Thumbstick Move and Strafe. Zoom in/out (View Mode). When facing a wall, push up to put back against wall, and push left or right to move along wall. Push down to step away from wall. Use with Right Thumbstick to guide Fly Cam.
Right Thumbstick Camera. Use with Left Thumbstick to guide Fly Cam.
A Button Action. Climb. Grab and Hang from ledge. Grab hold of objects. Push Up to push, Down to pull. Press again to let go of object. Use Grapple Hook. Press when Activation Icon comes on near an object to search objects and dead bodies for codes, key cards and spare supplies. Wait til Search Timer bar reaches zero, her search will be complete and any items found will go to her inventory. Some objects are big enough to hide in, press A to hide in object and press A again to leave object. When approaching an enemy from behind, press A to initiate Close Combat attack and match displayed directional moves on the movement controls before the timer runs out to complete a successful attack. As Nikki progresses through her missions she will be able to perform more complex attacks. Press to pick up dead bodies, and press again to drop dead bodies or hide in objects.
B Button Equip Weapons
X Button Crouch. Push and hold Left Thumbstick forward and press X to Roll. When approaching enemy stealthily from behind, when in crouch, if you press A Button you will pickpocket the enemy.
Y Button Activate Device
White Button Xbox Communicator
Black Button Map
Left Trigger View Mode. Reset camera (click). Peer around corners.
Right Trigger Shoot (click). You can use Control Stick to move while you shoot. Press and hold L Button to enter View Mode and shoot more accurately. When throwing a grenade, push forward or pull back on Right Thumbstick to flatten or arch trajectory.
Start Pause Menu/Inventory