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Rogue Galaxy

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Gameplay Controls

Rogue Galaxy

Directional Buttons Up/Down = Toggle Lock-On On/Off. Left/Right = Cycle Lock-On Targets.
X Button Attack With Primary Weapon. Action. Talk. Investigate. Open Door.
Triangle Button Main Menu
Square Button Attack With Secondary Weapon
Circle Button Jump
R2 Button Reset Camera Position
R1 Button Guard (Hold)
Start Button Pause
Select Button Display Map
Left analog stick (L3 Button when pressed down) Move Character. Scroll Map Display.
L3 Button Swap Characters
R3 Button Toggle Camera Angles
Combo #1 R1 Button + X Button = Lift
Combo #2 R1 Button + Square Button = Throw
Combo #3 X Button (While Enemy Is On Ground) = Down Attack
Combo #4 X Button (While Facing Object) = Knock Back
Combo #5 X Button (Hold and Release) = Charged Attack
Combo #6 X Button (Press Rapidly) = Combo Attack
Combo #7 X Button (When Over A Transporter) = Save. Teleport. Exchange Points. Store Item.
Combo #8 R1 Button + Square Button (When Near Enemy Press According To Markers) = Burning Strike Attack