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Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis


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Also on:Xbox 360
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Decent, but far from perfect

posted by TuxBobble (EDISON, NJ) Oct 27, 2007

Member since Dec 2006

Considering Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis game slightly above average is reasonable, but I personally would put it at slightly below. It is a well-polished game, it's relatively fun to play, but there are definitely some problems.

The highlight of the game is really the controls. I'm torn here. On the one hand, the controls that have been implemented work, and they work relatively well. On the other hand...there should have been a better, more in-depth control option. Why is it that the Wiimote is not directly equal to a ping pong paddle? Twisting my wrist, holding the paddle at a certain angle, etc. should have an affect on the spin of the ball. I like being able to use the nunchuk to move my character, OR to place the ball, but spin should NOT be handled by the d-pad. (Same issue applies to Tiger Woods Golf, in my opinion)

All in all, it's a fun game to pick up and play briefly, but it's short-lived, in my opinion. Online play for tournaments and such would have been welcomed.

They say controls make or break a game. While the controls that work do work, I feel that the further option is something that everyone would want, because that's what the Wiimote is made for--to make games more free, with less limitations. So let's see it happen.

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Fun for a short rental, but...

posted by paulb0t (WALNUT CREEK, CA) Oct 26, 2007

Member since Oct 2007

As a short-term rental, the game is fun (game play is well implemented with the wiimote), but doesn't offer much long term change of pace to keep it interesting.

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Could Be Better

posted by Happa215 (MORGAN HILL, CA) Oct 18, 2007

Member since Dec 2004

Maybe it's unfair to compare this game to the xbox 360 version, but there are some glaring differences.

First off, it seems like the xbox 360 version is faster. It just seems a little more exciting even with just using the regular control pad vs. the wii-mote. With each shot, you could swing a few seconds before the ball reaches you and it will just register a weak shot instead of a missed shot. Not very realistic. Second, it seems like if you don't press a direction for which type of spin you would like, it just randomly picks one for you.

The graphics also leave something to be desired. I know that comparing the graphics of the wii to the 360 is unfair, but it looks like last generation at best. And I know that this system is capable of good graphics.

I really wanted this game to be good so that I could experience a more interactive ping pong game than the 360 version, instead, I will be putting this game back in the mail.

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