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Above Average

Very Campy, but fun!

posted by duddy1987 (KEARNEY, NE) Dec 31, 2010

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The game is low budget, there's no getting around that. The voice actors are horrible, their lines are stupid and the story seems to be a rip-off of Plan 9 From Outer Space. The music alternates each level between Rob/White Zombie and a Classical piece. The music integrating with the gameplay isn't smooth, but none the less you're blowing up zombies by playing Supercharger Heaven! Knowing the premise of the game you'd be stupid it expect something remarkable. It's dumb, but that as long as you don't get hung up on that it can be fun and Very challenging. Rock the Dead!

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Boo! :throw tomatoe:

posted by Aragorn225 (FREDERICK, MD) Oct 27, 2010

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Mixing Guitar Hero with Resident Evil (Dead Rising, whatever zombie game you youngsters play these days) was a bad idea. A very bad idea indeed. First of all, the songs you will be playing yo fend off these supposedly "horrifying" (realize later that i'm speaking sarcastically) aren't cool at all, even if the Critics say they were. But sadly, i played it and i'm here already, so i might as well write a proper review on Rock the Dead (or was it Annoy the Dead with stupid music?)

Gameplay: There are a few things different about RTD that you might not find in other games. What, you ask? Not only are you tramplying through endless hordes of brain-sucking undead with a weapon of your choice, but you'll be facing some moments when you just stand there and fend the zombies off with your supposed "awesome" guitar skills. The guitar segments are not only stupid, and boring, but ridicuosly easy! Guitar in real life is WAY harder, trust me...

Storyline: Linear, like a lot of zombie games. You're trapped in some place, got to get out. Nothing really exciting, so i'll skip to the next portion of this review...

Sound/Graphics: OK, so the Graphics aren't as bad as i may cut them out to be, but heck, the Sound is! I feel like i'm standing in a sound-proof room while hearing a very muffled guitar song playing outside, along with a horde of slow undead lumbering towards whoever is playing the guitar (or, to be correct, SUCKING at guitar... sorry...).

AI: The zombies are slow, only a few times in the game will you be presented a REAL challenge where you'll have to think things over, unlike previous parts of the game. No allies, sadly, but i bet if there were any, they would suck, just like the zombies.

Conclusion (Finally!): I threw Rock the Dead straight back into the mail after beating it within a five hour time slot. Maybe the creators will read this, and create Rock the Dead 2, a game that addresses all my major concerns. :foodndrink:

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GF Rating

Really Bad

Rock of the Dead Needs Work

posted by MahJong (PORTLAND, OR) Nov 16, 2010

Member since Nov 2010

Grab your guitar controller and use it to stomp out a zombie invasion with the power of rock. What sounds like an interesting concept, quickly mutates into something much less intriguing. If you think you'll be shredding along to some great rock tunes, you're in for a let down... Unless you really like Rob Zombie, there's nothing else for you to play, listen to, unlock... anything. One RZ song after another. Well, parts of songs anyway. You're never really playing a full song like you would in any music game, just riffs and pieces of songs while a rail-shooter guides you to your next wave of, way to easy, zombie hordes.

Yes, the game is VERY easy to beat. If you start to get low on health, you can always button mash your way through a segment. Oh, you won't get the special blast attacks or shields to power up but, you won't need them anyway. Just keep strumming as fast as you can and randomly push the fret buttons, that's enough to get you through it.

The biggest challenge of the game comes from the fact, that the notes you need to play during the game, are presented horizontally. Every other music game out there, uses a vertically scrolling set of target notes. Nope, not here. It wasn't broke but, they still tried to fix it.

If you think you might want to get it so you can pad your trophies with an easy Platinum.. Guess again. It's a full release title but, the only trophies you will find, are a couple dozen bronze ones to achieve. No silver, no gold, and NO platinum. Even unlocking everything on the hardest levels, gain you nothing but Bronze. Sad. Didn't even know they could release a disc based game without a full set of trophies.

Even the usually very funny Neil Patrick Harris and Felica Day (the Guild) can't make it worth sitting through. The writing is juvenile at best and, borderline insulting (if you live in a trailer) at worst. Nothing funny and, get's repetitive before the end of the third level.

Summary: Avoid at all cost. Not even worth a rental.

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