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posted by jsilves (LOWELL, MA) Oct 20, 2008

Member since Dec 2005

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Konami really botched this one! This game has a terrible feeling to it from the moment you boot it up. I have a Roland TD6 drum kit with a hardware mod to play Rock Band, so I was excited about yet-another rhythm game. Sadly, this one is highly disappointing. I started out in Career mode, where you are forced to play on easy to start, despite my higher-level drumming skills. I immediately noticed that there were 7 rows of colors! Cool, I thought, until I realized that the bass drum was just a dot on the screen like all others - making the beat patterns to songs you didn't know impossible to figure out on the fly. In fact, I found that just trying to sight-read the music with the bass-drum dot was incredibly frustrating.

I immediately quit out and went to Quickplay and selected a song I'm very familiar with thanks to Rock Band -- All the Small Things, and it was here where I was allowed to choose Expert. The notation was largely the same, despite a few flawed tom mappings, but the game was heavily unforgiving, requiring ultra-precise timing and absolutely no forgiveness for missing a fill (it would pretty much fail me instantly).

I'll give this one another go to see if I can't squeeze an achievement or two out of it before sending it back to rot on a shelf somewhere.

This game is TERRIBLE.

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Above Average

Worst music game ever? Absolutely not!

posted by DanielEast (CEDAR, MN) Nov 20, 2008

Member since Jul 2007

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While I can see how some hardcore Guitar Hero or Rock Band fans can't stomach this Konami counterpart, I feel this is no better than either of them, but not terrible either, just right. Please allow me to explain...

Despite the entire songlist consisting of covers of popular rock, metal, nu-metal, etc. hits (with the exception of "Given Up" and "Paralyzer"), I say it's pretty decent. Some of the covers aren't very good though, like the one for Pantera's "Walk" for example. The vocalist sounded like he needed some Milk of Magnesia if you get me.

The challenges for the career mode (i.e. Poison Note, In the Zone, Recording Studio, and Band Practice) are great, though they can be a pain to do. Like for the Poison Note Challenges, all you have to do is avoid hitting the black notes on the note chart. You can only goof up five times and you're gone. That will be really frustrating if you're getting to the higher tier songs on Expert.

One of my favorite features is the solo improvisation you can pull off during a gig in the career mode. However it is a little broken, most of the time it resets your combo for some reason.

Like Guitar Hero: World Tour, you can create your own music, but RR's feature isn't really worth it. You can only record them and play them back, you can't make them into in-game custom songs like GH:WT.

In conclusion, like I said before, there's nothing too grandiose about Rock Revolution, it's just a decent game. If you're going to buy this, I'd say wait until the price goes down if it does. If you think this is a terrible game, fine. That's your opinion. However, you probably haven't played "Alvin and the Chipmunks." Now, THAT game is terrible!

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No Room for a 3rd Entry in Rock

posted by EXARKAHN (BOLINGBROOK, IL) Oct 20, 2008

Member since Oct 2008

4 out of 10 gamers (40%) found this review helpful

While I have not tried the instruments, I was not impressed one bit by this game. I am more partial to the RB line than the GH, this game has nothing more to offer than a few songs. The scrolling notes are much harder to follow, and the overall feel is just unimpressive. If you are into the vocals aspect of RB, forget it here, as it is Guitar Drums and Bass only. This is not a game that will take any time from my friends and I as we jam out to the 300 songs we have now to play on RB2 between RB1, RB2, and all cross compatible DL content.

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