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Rock Revolution

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Theres nothing REVOLUTION-ary about this game.

posted by LEGEND88 (TROY, TX) Nov 27, 2008

Member since Nov 2008

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Let me first start off by saying this is not the worst game I have ever played. As of matter of fact if this had came out 5 years ago or as an Arcade game, it would have a pretty good title. As a fully priced game, this game does not cut it.

Gameplay- The vertical scrolling of the notes, isnt awful but it tended to make me dizzy and I had trouble focusing on the notes, especially on Expert when it was going a little faster. RB and GH's scrolling is much better and easier to see. As for the note chart, I personally don't think it was done very well. The Career mode is pretty bad.
Gameplay- 3/10

Audio- Most of the songs are cover songs. They are hit or miss. Some sound decent while others are awful. There are only a few master recordings and they are the highlight of this game. I think "Paralyzer" and the Linkin Park song are master recordings.(I could be wrong)The tracklist is decent. Some songs are good but then they are a cover version and it just doesnt sound good.
Audio- 5/10

Graphics- The graphics may actually be the best part of this game. The character models for everyone in the band are suprisingly good. However, the crowds and environments suck.

Replay Value- Almost none. If you want to come back and play some of the master recordings, I dont blame you but with the horrible note charts and the vertical scrolling, you may not want to come back and play this ever again.
Replay value-1/10

Overall 3/10- I would pass this game up. If you are looking for an alternate to RB or GH, I would look elsewhere. Not being compatible with RB or GH drums hurts. Not having vocals hurts. I rented this for the achievements and I couldnt make myself play this game even for the achievements.

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Really Bad

Rock Revolution

posted by LITTELHAWK (BELTON, MO) Dec 16, 2008

Member since Nov 2008

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This game had some songs that I loved and wish were on guitar hero or rock band because the way that this game is set up the gameplay sucks. Thenotes come straight down from the top and are offcenter so its even worse on a bigscreen tv. Maybe future games will be better

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Above Average

Not THAT bad of a game.

posted by Tahmer (Chanute, KS) Oct 21, 2008

Member since Aug 2008

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When you first take a look at this game you may see it as a ripoff of Guitar Hero or Rock Band. Well considering Konami basically invented rhythm gaming it would be ludicrous to say that. However I will agree it is a little too late for Konami to jump into the American plastic instrument market.

Let's talk about career mode, this is where you'll spend most of your time. It starts off where you do 6 "events" on a disc. You finish 3 and you move on to another disc, and then for a final thing you do a 3 song gig similar to if you were to make a setlist in Rock Band. Repeat this formula a few times and you have career mode.

If you finish 3 events on a disc it turns gold. If you finish all 6 it turns platinum. Events range from playing a song normally, to playing a section of the song perfectly, playing a section without a note chart from memory, playing with dodging false notes, or playing with the scroll speed randomly going fast and slow.

The songs. Here is where the controversy is. They are all covers. Except the Linkin Park and Finger Eleven songs. There are a few covers that are pretty good, mostly the female sang ones, then there are are plenty of average ones, then there is terrible ones. Chop Suey is a perfect example of terrible, look it up on Youtube, you'll cringe. That's just the vocal covers. For the instrument covers they aren't too bad, there are a couple that aren't perfect like All My Life but nothing terrible. Just remember even Guitar Hero started out with all covers.

The overall gameplay of the game is basically the same as Rock Band. For guitar you have your 5 colored lanes, and you hit notes. Drums are a little different. You can switch between 5 lanes and 7 lanes, depending on the set your using, the RB kit would use the 5 lane. The only difference here is that the bass pedal shows up as an orange note in the middle similar to drum mania.

Honestly if you can get past the fact that every song is a cover, it's a decent game. Rent it at least.

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