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Rock Band

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Rock On!!

posted by Leger13 (DALLAS, GA) Dec 17, 2007

Member since Jan 2007

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I just got this game yesterday and it is really fun! I am a big fan of Guitar Hero III and this game has exceeded my expectations. I haven't tried the singing part yet but the drums are REALLY fun and seem very realistic. The guitar is okay. I like the strumer button on the Guitar Hero game better but it's still a great guitar and has features that the Guitar Hero guitar dosent. I love the solo buttons and the sound effects switch. The game play is super easy and the different venues in the different countries is great. The graphics also beat out Guitar Hero. You can make your own band mate and when you are playing a song the characters look more realistic. MTV Games did an excellent job in my opinion. VERY worth the $$$!!!

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Don't Rent this game, BUY it!

posted by Edwin20er (MORGANTOWN, WV) Dec 16, 2007

Member since Jan 2007

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Ok, so you like Guitar Hero, only reason to check out this game on Gamefly in all likelyhood. The problems with Guitar Hero, especially to musicians was the manufactured difficulty, "How can playing those notes make that sound?" was a question I heard a great deal from guitarists especially. Rock Band accurately transfers a guitar track much better than Guitar Hero ever did, and that's before you even take the other instruments into consideration.
(See the end of this review for info concerning the compatibility of GH3's controller)

The drums are the hardest instrument to play. They seem unresponsive, but they will pick up every note played as long as you remove the drumstick from the drum and let it bounce back into a natural state.

The vocals run along the same lines as the Singstar games, and can be tricky, especially if you don't know the songs. But then again, why are you trying to sing a song you don't know and expect to perform it well :)?

Ok, so the Guitar and Vocals are better than anything we've seen from the music game industry and the drums are completely new to rythym games at home. That being said the track list is simply stunning, with the original artists in most cases, covering hits from the 60s to today's greatest. Now there are a few choices I'd have made differently (The Electric Version comes to mind immediately) but as far as the track list on the game itself goes, I can't think of many better, with new songs being released on both XBox Live and the Playstation Store this will be an investment that will make your home the party spot of choice for yourself and your "bandmates" that just gets more fun as you and your band get better at playing specific instruments, or just playing musical musical instruments :P.

GH3's controller was intended to be patched into Rock Band's software for the PS3, but Activision threatened to sue if the patch was released.
More info can be found online as well as an online petition to Activision.

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Amazing fun for everyone!

posted by VaidTalon (HARVEST, AL) Dec 11, 2007

Member since Nov 2007

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I'm loving this game, it's equal to Guitar Hero for playing solo (though with more variations of gameplay), but it really shines when you have a group to play with! They really nailed it!

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