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Karaoke....a thing of the past???!!!

posted by RobinSage (KILLEEN, TX) Nov 26, 2007

Member since Nov 2007

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After 10 straight hours of Rock Band I was thinking that this game marks the end of Karaoke. If we could download any song, this game will rule every Karaoke Bar in the country. Okay seriously though, Rock Band nails this new genre of game. The only game you can compare this to is obviously the GH series. And having played every game in that series I can tell you that Rock Band is better in almost every way.

First Rock Band hits its mark on letting you play up to 4 different instruments at once, bass guitar, vocals (or taborine when appropriate in the song), rhythm guitar, and the drums. I honestly like the new guitar style better than in other games, or for other consoles. It was easier for me to play. However the drums can be tricky, as some drum sets have been known to ship with one of the drum pads being disfunctional (it was the red one on our set). This problem is being addressed, but if you don't slam on them, and you hit the pads lightly with the sticks you shouldn't have any trouble.

Aside from that the vocals follow very smoothly, much better than I expected them to. As a vocalist in a band myself, I was a bit skeptical, however you really do have to sing. As long as you keep the pitch right, and hit the lyrics on the right time you shouldn't have much trouble.

All in all Rock Band is a blast to play. If you have friends, encourage them to come over. The more the merrier with this one. And although I would say that the graphics aren't as up to speed as say...GHIII, the interface and the overall fun is much better. There's nothing like making your own band with your friends and going to gigs, just waiting to see which song you unlock. By the way, the last song is over 3000 notes...good luck, and make sure you stretch first.

I gave Rock Band a perfect score because it is so far the best game in its genre. Don't miss it.

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Rock out with your...

posted by OnStageOne (SILVER SPRING, MD) Jan 17, 2008

Member since Jan 2008

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yada yada yada.

Like many GH fans I couldn't wait to get ahold of this game. After looking like one of those idiots who plays a game in the store because you only wish you could get it or you actually do own it and you just like taunting other people with your game playing prowess. Well, after a couple weeks of game play I am ready to ramble about it.

Honestly there isn't really anything bad to say about this game. The graphics are slick, the interface is easy regardless of which controller you're using and the music library or "set lists" is quite refreshing. I'm a fan of hearing and learning new music from indie bands...but c'mon, it's so much more fun jamming to a tune you actually know and may have actually played in a legit cover band. Which that last statement leads me to my only complaint...the drums. I'm a drummer.

Now, I know that unless they give out a full blown synth pad kit and scroll a note track that takes up half the screen there is no way to fully recreate playing the true drum track on 4 pads and a kick pedal. That being said I think the interpretation of the drum tracks could have been a bit truer to irl. Such as with simple kick notes on a down beat. When clearly hearing the drum track of a song such as Dani California which is in 2/2, you hear the kick playing in 2 as "ba ba ..." or count wise "one and ..." with the snare on 2. Yet, following the track on the screen just gives you the kick say on the one...OR will skip measures at a time just for changing it up. From the game play perspective I understand why they do this because obviously not everyone playing this game let alone the drums when they do play has actually ever played drums irl. So, myself (and I'm sure others) who have played drums irl and maybe many of the songs that are in this game find themselves frustrated when drifting off into the "I know this song, I've played it" and we fail miserably. LOL

Anyway, thats my only peeve...small that it may be.

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Rock Band is a HOOT!

posted by BareFeats (PORTLAND, OR) Dec 20, 2007

Member since Dec 2005

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I'm 63 years old and my youngest grandson is 5. One of our favorite things to do is to play video games together. I ordered the Special Edition of Rock Band with the wireless Stratocaster guitar, drum set, and microphone.

The guitar is much nicer than any other guitars we tried including those released for Guitar Hero II and III. The drum set is great fun. My grandson plays two drums and I play the other two and the foot pedal. (We need another set of sticks.)

The software is well designed. It's an improvement over Guitar Hero III. Very slick graphics. Sounds great when we connected our PS3 to the Bose 3-2-1 system and select Dolby option.

The only thing I would change is make the singing mike a headset so you can sing and play at the same time.

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