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Rock Band

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best game ever

posted by moneyg (KENT, WA) Aug 11, 2008

Member since Jul 2008

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this game is awesome but the sing is hard but drums and the guitar are so sweet

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What you would expect

posted by SergeantPope (CHARLESTON, IL) Feb 5, 2009

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I recently just got Rock Band 2 which by the way is awesome, so i wanted the songs on this rock band too since you can transfer them over. Let me say that this game is a bit different than Rock Band 2 like the menu and tour mode but its still practically the same. For the this game was made its really quite good. Thats why i gave it a 9. Some things on Rock Band 2 are much better like the tour mode and online which is awesome. About what i said when you can transfer them over i mean basically how it sounds, you can pay 400 Microsoft points or something like that and you can play them in Rock Band 2. So you really need to rent this game because EA really did a nice job on it. And if you got enough in your wallet, try out Rock Band 2, AC/DC Rock Band, and the Rock Band Track Pack Volume 2. Theyre all really good. Also dont forget that EA has A LOT of really good downloadable songs, including albums, track packs, and single downloads. FYI AC/DC Rock Band is only available at Walmart, but after you buy it you can transfer them to your Rock Band 1 or 2. And trust me, its worth it.

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Rental=good / Purchase at $160= think hard

posted by Slipstream (SAN DIEGO, CA) Jan 3, 2008

Member since Apr 2006

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Rock band is an alright game. After playing the Guitar hero series, i can't help but feel that it's better than rock band. RB doesn't have the solo excitment that GH does. The note layout is dull and boring. While GH has notes spread out differently and requires a lot of fret work, RB just makes you hit the same not many many time in a row. On Medium, the only real challenge is just hitting the same notes that come at you real fast. Imagin hitting say a green and red note consecutively really quickly about 15 times, then hiting maybe a blue and yellow then going back to that 15 count green and red. Thats pretty much what rock band is. The drums is the only real reason in my opinion to purchase this game. But even then, $160 is alot to pay for a drum game.

As for the singing. Well, on easy, you can do fine. On anything higher and you'd better know the song and dedicate a lot of time to getting your tone right or you'll fail quite quickly. You can plug your headset into your regular controller and sing while you play guitar, but like i said, if you don't remember the words by heart, it's gonna be tough...and unenjoyable.

Online, it's pretty much the same as GH 3 online minus the drums. Can't find to many people taking up the singing position for reasons above.

This game is probably good for a party game. Then again, it's still kinda boring playing the dull parts.

The only thing i REALLY like about RB is the character customization. You have so many shirts, pants, shoes, hair styles and accessories to modify them with that it's unlikly to find another with the exact same character. Now if only they could put that level of customization in GH.

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