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Rock Band Metal Track Pack


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Save your time...

posted by True2Life (MOODY, AL) Sep 30, 2009

Member since Jul 2009

20 out of 22 gamers (91%) found this review helpful

This game is without a doubt atrocious. It contains 20 songs from some pretty decent bands, however the songs are their C albums. Yeah, that's right... the songs are horrible. Like Blue Oyster Cult, think you're getting 'Burning for you'? No. How about some Reaper? Nope. It's the freaking Transmaniacon MC track. One of their absolute worst songs. Yngwie's most obscure track is on it as well. Judas Priest... yep Screaming Vengeance. It's horrible. Plus there are a couple of chick metal bands. Just a terrible compilation all the way around. On top of that most of the achievements can only be gained from playing online, so you are at the mercy of whatever moron is online at the time. One of the achievements is for noone failing out, which I still can't get because everyone either bails or fails half way through the songs. No customization of characters, no cool venues, nothing really... oh and if you play all of the songs on expert, guess what - you still have to play ALL of the songs in the other modes to unlock them. Yep, no going from an expert version of thrasher to an easy version unless you've played the same 19 songs over again. Oh and you can't just use a different instrument either. Nope. If you use a guitar for instance, then you can't go back and use the drums in the same songs, nor the bass, nor even vocals. Yep. You have to play through all of those songs again using each instrument. Now that is just plain stupid. No one should have to play through these freaking songs more than once. Basically you'd have to play through the same 20 songs almost 4 times to get all of the achievements. What a rip. Like I said earlier, don't waster your time.

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Rock Band Metal Track Pack Fail

posted by zerokool (HENRICO, VA) Oct 5, 2009

Member since Dec 2008

9 out of 10 gamers (90%) found this review helpful

I couldn't have summed it up better than True2Life did. This game is horrible. I don't know why they even would release something so low in caliber like this. You have 20 of the worst tracks from the mentioned bands, no unlocks, Can't switch instruments with out starting all the way over, and some more bad things.

I was not able to find how to get online with this game either!! It says Online enabled but there was no "Local or Online" choice in the menu! I went to multi-player in hopes of finding someone to play a few songs with, but there was no "Search for Players Online" or anything so I am calling B.S. on it being an online game at all. This game had potential but they must have stolen it before releasing this game. Do not waste your time, most of the songs you can already download for Rock Band 2.

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not so metal

posted by spyder96 (JACKSONVILLE, AL) Oct 14, 2009

Member since May 2006

7 out of 8 gamers (88%) found this review helpful

this is not metal ,what a sorry set of tracks. you cant call some of this metal.

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