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Rock Band Country Track Pack


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Also on:PS2, Wii, PS3
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Good if you have no online

posted by SergeantPope (CHARLESTON, IL) Jul 22, 2009

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The reason that harmonix sends out these expansion packs is so that people without online can still enjoy the great downloadable only songs for rock band. So if you dont have online this game is obviously for you. This track pack has some really good country songs so if your a country fan you should jump on this opportunity. One big set back that every rock band expansion pack has had so far is that all of these expansion packs run off of Rock Band 1's software. With means that you cant activate break neck speed (Faster Highway) and you cant turn on no fail. Which you can do on Rock Band 2. But one thing, if you do have online, when you buy this game a code will be on the back of the manual and you can download them to your hard drive. However, you need online to do this so it kind of ruins the idea of no online. And one last thing to say about this game is that it does work with just the disc it comes on, so you dont need Rock Band 1 or 2 to play this what so ever. So if you like country try this game out today.

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Rock Band: Country?!

posted by Flint879 (ALTOONA, PA) Aug 19, 2009

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-I'm not going to put anything here because if you have already played a Rock Band game at some point in your life, which I am sure all of you who read this review have, then you know what the good things are about it


-Some songs are debatable on why they are in the game
-Characters and game interface should have changed to suit the country music

First off, I hate country music, I am a straight Metal-Head, but don't let that discourage you from reading what I have to say about Rock Band: Country Track Pack. I was a little skeptical about Rock Band and country music, but after I played it, it wasn't half bad. Obviously this is for mostly country music fans, but being a metal head, I found some enjoyment out of this game. Depending on your skill level, you should make through Expert with no problem. I, personally, am a Guitar Hero fanatic, but Rock Band is cool. Being extremely good at Guitar Hero, and I'm not saying that to boast about my skills, I personally just play for fun, but over time I got extremely good at the game, Rock Band comes to me naturally just like GH did. Some of the later songs are pretty challenging depending on skill. Personally I thought the hardest song in the game was, obviously, the last song, but I didn't expect it to be a Dixie Chicks song either. Enough of that topic, everyone who has played Rock Band knows what is good and bad about the game. Some of the songs on this track pack seem kind of debatable as to why they are put on this pack and I think they should have changed the interface and characters to suit the music. It was weird having a guy singer who looked like the singer to Behemoth, a girl singer who looks like Joan Jett, a guitarist who looks like the guitarist to some over-the-top punk band, a bassist who looks like he should be dead and by that I mean old and a drummer who looks like she transported from the '70s. Overall I thought this was a decently good game, minus half the songs.

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Good of Bad (Very Good)

posted by Monkey301 (EVANS, CO) Jul 22, 2009

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This game or track whatever you want to call it is very good. It has all good contry song in it and very fun to play. Its was so fun we are going to buy. So u should rent it gamefly and if you like it buy its really fun and not dumb at all !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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