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where is the challenge in this game?

posted by Jeremy1 (GRIFFIN, GA) Jan 17, 2011

Member since Jan 2010

I have always liked guitar hero better than rockband because rockband has no challenge to there songs or for the career mode.

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Rock Band 3 shocks!

posted by mistgamer (TINLEY PARK, IL) Jan 2, 2011

Member since May 2009

I'm usually a person who doesn't think much of sequels, I was SHOCKED! This was a giant improvement of the Rock Band series! As a fan of the series, this game sticks to me like glue! After completing the endless setlist 3, I am still attached to the game! Even though the ingame rewards were bad, I had a blast doing it! A definite buy of music game lovers! My favorite game of the music game genre! I'm just sad that there's no icon changes after ESIII. Oh well! Amazing game in every aspect!

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As good as it gets

posted by Vektuz (IRVINE, CA) Dec 9, 2010

Member since Feb 2007

Just as the Guitar Hero franchise goes down in flames and mediocrity, the Rock Band crew seems to know just how to keep the genre alive.

Every change they've made seems to be a positive one - for example, the slight tweaks to the track background makes the visuals clearer - for example, the limiting of the overdrive effect to the sides of the track, to prevent it from getting in the way - for example, highlights over the track edges to indicate solos and other events to prevent it from distracting - and of course the usual Rock Band choice of using clear square shapes with distinct fills to indicate hammered-on notes... all of it designed to be fun and fast to read.

Combine this with the addition of a keyboard instrument, which basically means that all those awesome songs with crazy keyboard in it are now open for business...

Combine this with an incredible music store with literally thousands of songs of every conceivable type... combine this with new easy drop in / out modes for party play, easy options to calibrate perfectly, a story mode that's interesting but still sticks to the rockband theme, new visuals, and upcoming real instrument/pro modes, and it's the best music game you can currently get.

Unless you like beatles, in which case... get that one.

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