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Rock Band 3


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Rock Band 3

posted by RawKing (BROOMFIELD, CO) Oct 26, 2010

Member since Nov 2008

21 out of 23 gamers (91%) found this review helpful

This game is truly a step above the previous Rock Band titles. While historically, most music game iterations are merely a new setlist and a few minor UI tweaks, Rock Band 3 feels like a whole new game.

With many new modes, including Pro Modes and Keyboards, as well as parts for the plastic instruments we've all come to love Rock Band 3 brings everything to the table. The Pro Guitar (at launch, only the "Mustang" guitar is available) is a real working guitar, and at the expert level you will be playing the song exactly as the artist played it. This concept carries over into Pro Bass, Keys, and Drums. Pro Drums are essentially the same as standard, except you play cymbals and toms as charted. Pro Keys is limited to right hand only, but plays exactly what the song plays.

Training mode is improved for drums, giving more guidance than just a bunch of beats and fills to practice. Training mode is also expanded to help keyboardists and pro instruments learn these new instruments.

Rock Band 3 also delivers a varied, yet challenging, setlist that is sure to please everyone. If none of the 83 on-disc songs tickle your fancy, you can delve into the over 2000 songs already available - ranging all the way from death metal to classic rock to pop.

The tour mode has been replaced by "Road Challenges" which let you play songs with a certain goal in mind (Accuracy, number of Star power activations, combo, etc.) that can help shake things up a little if you get bored of just playing songs.

Overall, Rock Band 3 is a great game that all music lovers can enjoy. That is, if you can afford the peripherals and downloaded songs. Rock Band is a major investment, but I have put in more time into these games than any other, and I'll surely be playing even more with all the new features Rock Band 3 delivers.

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Let There Be Rock!

posted by Anonymous19 (STREETSBORO, OH) Jan 24, 2012

Member since Jun 2011

1 out of 1 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

Well here we are. The third installment to the Rock Band series. I have played Rock Band's 1 and 2 and now that i have given 3 a try, im not what you would call, "impressed." Like the other Rock Band games, they had good music and good band roles to assume, extensive character and band creator, and good graphics. I went into Rock Band assuming that it would be good just like Rock Band 2. But while i was impressed by the challenges, cool band progress and so on. I knew that this Rock Band would be just like others before it. The problem i have with Rock Band games (Except Green Day Rock Band) is that playing the songs on a different look that it dismantles my playing and causes me to get 4 stars on songs i wouldent normally get 4 stars on. This is also causes my solos to be as sloppy as your one fat, weird cousin at Thanksgiving dinner. At first i forgave these faults and tried to overcome them but the problem didnt seem to get fixed. I then turned to the games answer and tried calibrating but these efforts did little to combat the issue. I started my first song assuming to hear an awsome guitar riff with a rock tone but i was sadly mistaken like a nerd thinking he has a change of taking his braces off on his own. It seems that now Rock Band has caved and taken the same route as Guitar Hero and focused their song choices on more mainstream music which doesent make for a good expert mode experiance. As i progressed through the game i noticed more songs that i knew. But i wasent prepared for the hard guitar riffs and solos that were thrown at me. But with the playing problem i was having made the songs less enjoyable to master. Rock Band is a game series that gave Guitar Hero a run for its money. But with this new installment, i felt that the game lacked in what made the other Rock Band's a good game to have at a party when everyone is drunk and thinks they can sing like Getty Lee. They say that your own good as your last show. All in all, Rock Band 2 was better. 6/10!

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3rd Times The Charm

posted by lljjbj07 (SHINGLETON, MI) Oct 27, 2010

Member since Aug 2008

8 out of 10 gamers (80%) found this review helpful

What more could a person want in a music game? Rock Band 3 literity has it all
1. Thousands of songs
2. Awesome new game modes (most notable being pro mode)
3. Reamped Graphics

The only bad thing I could find (depending on how you look at it) were the game's setlist. There are (more than I expected) quite a few weak songs on the disc. I mean come on, Amy Winehouse? Though there are some sorry songs, most are decent and overall okay (if you don't like them, there's thousands of others to download). Which reminds me, all the songs you previously purchased work with RB3.

But the main thing everyone cares about in this game is the infamous "Pro Mode". Basically it allows the player to play some songs like an actual musician would. For example, on the drums, you can use up to 3 expansion cymbals to play, well, those actual notes in the game. Though it can be confusing (being that there's going to be so many different notes on screen branching off of 3 different colors), but you will get used to it after a while. And now for the first time ever, you can use a REAL guitar in a music game. Though that is impressive, if your willing to invest enough money to buy it, you might as well go a bit further and buy an actual guitar. Oh and did I mention the brand new keyboard? Yeah, they got that now too. Guitar Hero might as well pack it up, it's pretty much over for them.

But I digress, I highly recommend this game, it's a blast to play, from 2000+ songs to "Pro Mode", there's something here for everyone. Deffinitly with a rental, if not a buy.

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