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More of the same...which is good

posted by Seriatim (SOLON, ME) Sep 18, 2008

Member since Aug 2008

Here is the Rock Band 2 recipie:
1. Take Rock Band
2. Stir in 104 new songs
3. Finely dice a $5 transfer fee for Rock Band 1 songs
4. Garnish with some added or tweaked menu changes
5. Bake in your 360 until you fall aslep or get the red rings of death

In short, if you like Rock Band, you will like Rock Band 2. The two biggest changes are that you can now play world tour by yourself, which is very good, and that you can no longer go down through all the songs on solo mode to unlock them quickly, which is not so good. You need to unlock them through playing them in world tour mode (or use the cheat, which disables saving).

Most of the other changes would be viewed as minor tweaks. The graphics are a little more polished, there are a few more instruments to purchase(more drum kits!), and you can unlock and hire a "roadie" of sorts that might bring a cash or fan bomus. There is also a band challenge option listed once you access your band, which can net you some extra cash. I was also pleasantly surprised when I came across the first song that actually had a drum solo. It is handled the same way as guitar solos, with bonus scores for good performance.

So, all in all, Rock Band 2 is more of an expansion pack than a true sequel, since it builds on, and uses many of the same graphic animations of, the first game. It is a great value considering song tracks go for $1 - $2 a pop, and is a game that the whole family, or a group of drunken college boys, can appreciate equally.

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Let There Be Rock! Band 2!

posted by zackinator (DALLAS, TX) Sep 18, 2008

Member since Apr 2005

This is definently one of the best games to come out this year.

GAMEPLAY: It's basicaly the same old game from last year, you play the game with up to four people, playing guitar, bass, drums, and vocals to songs made by REAL rock bands. Aside from a few minor changes to hammerons, it's just the same old. 8/10 for no real changes to gameplay, but it still works very well.

GRAPHICS: Once again, very similar to the last game, no big changes. 7/10 for no graphics improvement, but still good.

MODES: This is where the big changes are. If you are like me, you play a lot of solo. NO MORE SOLO!!!! Instead, you can play the World Tour mode on your own. World tour doesn't have that many changes other than you don't need a band leader to play, and there are some new oppertunities, such as making music vids, or, my personal favorite, confusing one of your bandmates. One of the members of the band will have been whining or something, and then you switch out the last song in your set for something realy hard for that member. There are a lot of other new things like the drum trainer, which teaches you to play drums, the yet-to-be-released jukebox mode, where you get to just listen to the songs in the game. And many more. 9/10 for many new modes, but NO SOLO!!!

SONGS: There is a HUGE list of songs. 84. Fans of new stuff will like the Panic! At the Disco and others. If you are my age, you will find songs you might have used to like, like The Middle, Kids in America, and We Got the Beat. Grunge fans will like the Soundgarden and Nirvana. There's metal aplenty with Battery, Painkiller, and Peace sells, And don't forget the TONS of rock spanning the late 60s to today, and the 500 songs promissed by Harmonix by the end of the year for download, 20 free songs for download, AND, for $5, importing almost all of the songs from the first Rock band. 11/10 for an amazing list.

OVERAL: 9/10 for no real changes to gameplay or graphics, but makes up with many new songs and modes.

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posted by urizen65 (PEARL, MS) Sep 17, 2008

Member since May 2007

Remember this day. with the release of Rock Band 2 a milestone has been set. the publishers of this game actually listened to the fans of the first rock band, and added everything that was missing from the one. wanna do the full band on x-box live? done! this games rocks. the song list is awesome. I actually hurt myself by forcing myself to enforce my own rule of never ranking a game as a 10. if I were to ever break that rule rock band 2 would be the game I would have broken it for.

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