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Not much to say that hasnt been said already.. BUT

posted by MidXIII (SPRINGFIELD, PA) Sep 16, 2008

Member since Dec 2007

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What I will say is that what HAS been done is they made the single player experience more solid.

Rock Band was a great party/group game. What the game lacked was easy to "pick up and play" menus and certain single player accessibility. Rock Band 2 fixed that.

Here is basically all of it (if you haven't read it somewhere else already.):

Group mode allows players to jump in anytime without having to set up characters.

Tour mode, is now able to be played single player.

There are also challenges for both single and group play. Finish the challenge to unlock more challenges.

Battle of the Bands, is not just for bands, there are many online "battle" challenges for single or group. Like, "get the highest streak (in a certain challenge song) without missing a note. It will list your competition and then rank you when you're done.

The drum trainer mode is great for people who had trouble the first time around, and really does help you get better and your coordination with the foot petal and the drumming (my personal downfall on RB1... keeping me on medium the whole time!)

There are comments/reviews about not having much new in the sense of character creation, graphics, etc. and its true there isn't much different.
But honestly when a company actually LISTENS to its fan base, changing the problems of the first one, adding a better variety of songs to play AND sing too, and improving the game modes to incorporate so much for truly EVERYONE to have fun, why nit-pick? This game really is a great sequel, and if you liked the first one, you wont be disappointed by this!

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Harmonix Does It Again

posted by iPwn21 (FAYETTEVILLE, AR) Sep 30, 2008

Member since Feb 2006

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Harmonix's popularity has skyrocketed since the release of it's ever so popular Guitar Hero. They started off trying to teach people to play music through video games, but that wasn't working. So, Harmonix decided to get rid of the teaching part of their video games and went straight to the fun part. Rock Band 2 offers several new and exciting features including challenges, battle of the bands, online world tour, and a refined solo world tour. Lets start with the new solo world tour. This new version of world tour doesn't make you scroll down a screen and play every single song in the game. Now, solo tour allows you to do everything you can do in the band tour. Including naming your band, traveling the world, hiring staff (we'll get to the staff later), and picking your venue, song and set list. There are a few new cities including:Shanghai, Sydney, and many others. Now, lets get to Battle of The Bands and Challenges. Many people think this feature means two different bands battling at the same time, but it doesn't. One band simply plays a set list or song, and posts their score on the leaderboards. Then, another band tries to beat this score. The brand-spankin' new challenges mode works the same way. Harmonix simply posts challenges like best note streak on a certain song or highest score on a particular song. Your score is then posted on leaderboards. The online world tour allows you to invite friends or random players to play world tour on one of your bands. I enjoy the new Drum Trainer Mode. In this mode, you can practice drum beats, drum fills, or you can simply annoy anyone around with Freestyle mode. I still felt like the game was missing something. Yes, it had the greatest accumulation of songs in a game to date. Yes, it offers tons of features never before seen in other games. However, it lacks advancement in the character creation mode. The game still has the same basic creation. It would be a 10 if they updated graphics and character creation, I gave it 9.

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Great Step Forward

posted by tiki18 (EVERETT, WA) Sep 15, 2008

Member since Feb 2005

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This game is a huge step up from the original Rock Band. The fact the you can play your tour with only one person is totally awesome. The challenges add a new perk to the tour. I also like the fact that you get 20 free downloads.

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