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You love action? Here it is!

posted by silentone8 (PLAINFIELD, NJ) Nov 21, 2008

Member since Nov 2008

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Dive into the mind of Jason Bourne, a fearless mercenary who kills without question. If you've seen and love the movies, you'll love this game.

The action never stops! From start to finish you will never be saying "i'm bored". The game keeps moving quickly through the story. The game uses a takedown system which will keep you pumped as you play through the story. Takedowns are a single button press in which you enter a cinematic and brutally batter your opponent on anything in the environment; from tables, walls, books, book shelves, chairs, carts, the world is your weapon. The game use a cinematic button press system where you need to press a series of button to block your opponents takedowns or escape danger during cinematics.

The graphics really deliver. From the player and enemy models to the destructive environments. The shine of rain on bourne to the well detailed interior of a house, it all just looks "right".

The sound is good. The sound of fists thumping a guys bloody face never felt so good. The sound if smashing his head into a museum statue and watching all the stone pieces fly really makes you want to keep playing. The music is great, it works in continuity with the action to pump your adrenaline and keep you wanting more.

The guns will make you hate the game however. Often times I found myself sprinting up to an enemy in order to engage hand to hand combat. The guns sound awful and doesn't feel like part of the game as if they were thrown in last minute. There is no zoom, or even a shoulder aim. Your recticle is a tiny dot that remains the same, even when you fire. The Paris chase mission will leave you very disappointed. Makes you wonder what the developers were thinking.

Overall great game for hardcore action lovers. Great music in sync with the action. Great hand to hand combat and beautiful game play. I wouldn't recommend it to shooting fans.

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A pretty decent game!

posted by demonslyr23 (RANTOUL, IL) May 15, 2012

Member since Apr 2012

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After playing and completing the Bourne Conspiracy, I must say that this was not a perfect game but still fun. For an older game the graphics are above average. The gameplay on the other hand, was awesome. The fighting mechanics make you truely feel like Jason Bourne. The shooting on the other hand, wasn't as great. I found myself running into a hand to hand fight when I easily should have just shot the enemy. The hand to hand combat is made that much better with the brutal takedowns. Bones break, walls and objects are crushed, making you feel that much more like a highly trained assassin. Story wise, I found myself confused. All in all, I give the Bourne Conspiracy a 7 out of 10

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Very Good

The Bourne Conspiracy

posted by blkvkng79 (VACAVILLE, CA) Jun 9, 2008

Member since Jun 2008

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The Bourne Conspiracy has its ups n downs. I gave it an 8 overall b/c I feel there was room for improvement but I rather enjoyed the game for the most part. Pros: The interactivity w/ the game buttons. For Bourne to avoid some obstacles such as moving cars, punches or bullets. You have to push a certain button at the right time to avoid these obstacles. Just when you think its over & you miss pressing these fail. Even during the cinematics you can not put down your control or you'll possibly be effected by the outcome. Fight scenes are fun b/c they use the same concept. You can also use the scenery to help attack your foe w/ special attacks using the buttons as well. If you successfully hit your button when called for it will block your opponents attack, but the same would go for your opponent. If you miss hitting your button or press the wrong one, you will be attacked more heavily. Cons: The gun play lacked in areas to me. I didn't like how the player maneuvered while holding or shooting the gun. I found it a little difficult to aim at your targets in some cases. I also didn't like the buttons used for shooting. The RB pulls & holsters the weapon, but the LT shoots. I felt they should have been the same type of button (i.e, both RB & LB or both RT & LT). Running w/ the character is a little difficult when using the sprint. You can't turn easily & this can affect you when trying to evade people. All n all it's interactivity & gameplay was fun but there was some area's that need help.

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