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Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Conspiracy


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Very Good

The Bourne Conspiracy is an Experience

posted by nolan1977 (COLONIAL HEIGHTS, VA) Jun 11, 2008

Member since Mar 2008

Though its only based off the first movie of the trilogy, the game captures the Bourne experience fully and explores the gaps of Jason's past not seen in the movie.
The graphic are stunning, and uses the Unreal engine very fast. I did experience a little bit of game freezing at points but still overall pretty smooth. The shooting is not as bad as others reviewed, but it is a bit frustrating when trying to acquire accuracy achievements. Seasoned gamers will still end up with over 100 head shots with ease.
The game is about 5 to 7 hours so if you looking to increase you gaming experience start out playing the game in agent (normal) assassin (hard), for a real challenge. there isn't any multi playing, and there isn't a lot of added content upon the games completion. The game is about story and action. Is written by the makers of the movie, so the moves, the fights and gun play are true to form. Rent for challenge (assassin mode) buy if your a fan of the movies.

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Great in theory, good in actuality

posted by jmholli (FLORENCE, SC) Jun 11, 2008

Member since Jun 2008

I like to take my time with games, play a little here and a little there and eventually beat it. I couldn't put down this game, which is good and bad. Good because it's a very engrossing story (that Bourne fans will find pretty familiar for a significant portion of the game), bad because it's such a short game. The length is one of its major downfalls. The graphics, on the other hand, are quite good and can stand toe-to-toe with other next gen games that are worth their salt.

The gameplay and control themselves are also very good, if not redundant. In the melee fighting, there's no mixing it up. Sure, you can combine light and heavy attacks to form about 8 different 3 hit combos, but there's no more mixing it up than that. 3 hits is the maximum amount of hits you can make on someone, and there's only light and heavy attacks you can make, but don't fret. You can mix it up with a good kick if you time it right, but there's no additional styles or anything which you would expect Jason Bourne to have in his arsenal. There is more mixing it up in the cinematic takedowns than the actual fighting which you control. At first, the melee fighing is actually quite fun, but becomes boring after a while. But, the boss fights can actually be genuinely difficult and the shooting is very enjoyable. The one driving level does get a bit annoying, but overall I give gameplay and control a B-.

The music from the original movies is present in this game, which can be good or bad depending on your musical preference. I personally found it not only fit the game like a glove, but it genuinely helped get me get into the spirit of the adrenaline-fueled interface.

Overall, I gave this game a 7 as it is better than above average, but just not a great game due to redundancy and length of the game. There are so many different directions the interface could have taken, but the creators of this game failed to utilize. I do, though, sincerely hope for a sequel to resolve inconsistencies.

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GF Rating

Very Good

very entertaining game

posted by mnpov18 (WOODBURY, CT) Jun 10, 2008

Member since Jul 2006

when i first saw the previews of this game months ago i was really looking forward to playing for the obvious reasons that all three bourne movies were kick a$%. Now normally a game thats made from the movie, the game normally does not live up to the movie. (i.e. iron man, transformers, etc) But they did a great job on this game. The fight scenes by far are the coolest i've ever seen on a game before. (i say this cuz i don't play many fighting games) everything in the environment can be used as a weapon and you can take out multiple enemies at the same time with the take down system. now the take down system is really cool, during fight scenes or just taking out enemies with a gun, there is an adrenaline bar that fills up, and there are 3 tiers, after each tier fills up you press the O button for ps3 and it triggers a take down and they vary on the environment or the enemy, but it drains the adrenaline bar. Now when you get all 3 bars filled and you happen to be surrounded by enemies pressing the same button you would be able to take out all 3 enemies. but to do that there will be button prompts you would have to match. also when surrounded by enemies you will have button prompts as well so you don't get attacked from behind. Now for the weaker parts of the game. the only aspect of the game i didnt like was the camera in the game, at certain points the camera will go to an angle where you cant see anything, this can happen during fights or when your just going through a level but the good thing is it doesnt happen too often. normally it does it when your near a wall or going down stairs. But other than that its a very enjoyable game and its a definite keeper.

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