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River King: A Wonderful Journey


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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

In The Stream Treasure map

Talk to the lady near the well, and she will ask you to get her a Rainbow Trout. After you give it to her she will give you a treasure map (from the Jiza 30 paces east, 10 paces north, 5 paces west). Go under the tree by your house and dig. You will find the treasure. You must do this to enter fishing competition.

In The Stream Ayu

You must fish for Ayu in the competition. Go to the billboard, have your basket empty, raise your HP, and use fish eggs that you buy from the store. Go all the way downstream before you get the logs. You will see a blue person on the ledge in middle of stream. Fish there.

In The Stream Frogs and insects

You can get frogs from other side of river from village on big grassy patch near bridge. You can get insects in near the C section behind the fisherman by the rocks.

In The Stream Frogs and insects

To get the maximum amount of frogs, cast directly in front of the waterfall where your bobber will not move. This requires some patience, but you will always catch Big Iwana, which usually sell for over 60G at the restaurant.

In The Stream Worms

You can find worms in three small grassy spots in a small alcove of trees just southeast of the waterfall.

Mountain Treasure map

In the mountains, go to the southeast corner of the lake and talk to the boy next to a monster. He will tell you that Nushie is hungry. Catch a full basket of fish, then come back and talk to the boy. When Nushie is full, he will give you a treasure map which reads, "A man waits alone on a island with no bridge". Swim to the eastern island and examine the tree.