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GF Rating

Very Good

Much better then I thought

posted by DarthLlama (PHOENIX, AZ) Oct 5, 2010

Member since Apr 2010

69 out of 71 gamers (97%) found this review helpful

I was weary of this title due to bad reviews, but I have to say, this game is actually a lot of fun. The big thing with this game is that it requires patience in the beginning, you start off very weak, and you will die A LOT. This game isn't like Fallout or Oblivion, monsters do not scale to your level, if you go into a cave full of higher level stuff, you will die horribly. This game requires you to play with a sense of caution which I thought was pretty fun. It's a true open world game with a very large world where you can freely explore. There are tons and tons of quests all over the world, it's one of those games where you can get side tracked easily. The Combat system takes some getting used to, but after you play it for a bit it's pretty easy to master. It has high replayability since you get an entirely different game depending on the faction you choose.

If you rent this game, be patient with it. Don't give up right away, it will be a little hard at first, but your patience will be amply rewarded if you stick with it. I ended up buying the game because I enjoyed it so much. Risen is a very good game, I really liked it.

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GF Rating

Very Good

If you liked the Gothic series, give it a try!

posted by SethMode (KINGSTON, PA) May 25, 2010

Member since May 2010

37 out of 39 gamers (95%) found this review helpful

First let me say, don't be too quick to believe the plethora of 1 or 2 sentence "reviews" of this game that simply claim it's horrible and looks like an Xbox game. Most, if not all, of those people did not work to actually complete the game.

That said, it IS a game that will require some adjustment. There are points that feel like it could have been tested better, and the graphics are sub-part for this generation. The camera control, as accurately put, is too sensitive, but it is something that you get used to (although making it adjustable would have been preferable).

All of that said, if you're willing to give the game a shot, and I mean REALLY give it a shot, the payoff is wonderful. Great story, great combat mechanics late, awesome array of abilities and possibilities from stealth, to magic, to warrior like skills. The sound and voice acting is tremendous. The world as a whole feels alive, and it's a game that actually expects you to keep your eyes open at all times or face death (traps in temples especially!). I had a tough time at first and was afraid that my purchase was in vein, but after giving it some time, I was hooked. I've now completed it nearly 3 times and even enjoy going for some of its achievements!

So yeah, my point is, it is far from perfect, but if you like RPGs, particularly the Gothic series, give it a shot and try to stick with it. I trust you will be pleasantly surprised.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Great RPG

posted by Hongo999 (DENVER, CO) Oct 2, 2010

Member since Aug 2007

24 out of 26 gamers (92%) found this review helpful

Overall, I was originally deterred from this game thanks to all of the critical reviews it received. While I have not finished the entire game yet, but it is a well conceived, if simple, plot so far. What really drives the game home for me is the witty humor and the spot on voice acting, close to that of Dragon Age Origins. The combat seems a bit simple so far, but there are a lot of customization options so I'm excited to see how it picks up. The game really starts you from nothing and for that, I feel a real sense of accomplishment when I see my character switch from rags and a stick to a good sword, shield and armor! The story seems really fascinating and I'm excited to see what happens.

Graphics: 7
Story: 8
Voice acting: 9
Gameplay: 6

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