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posted by Ekuriox (FORT WORTH, TX) Aug 2, 2012

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I'm a Pirate!

First off, this is another RPG -- That is rather difficult, but highly expansive. I been enjoying these technical games, I missed needing strategy guides and been getting tired of these titles that are just EASY.

The story goes -- You assume the role of a Captian.
Apart of the govern power, you are a lieutenant. The Titans are plaguing the world with destruction. Unsure of how or why the titans are destroying the world. You head off to join a band of pirates... Making your own crew... You gather a crew together on your journey and head off onto uncharted Islands to find the cause and reason of the Titans encumbering the world with destruction. All in attempt to end their rein.

I tried playing some, before giving a list of things you can do, but I found that there is far too much to really say.

I wish you didn't start off at not being great at fighting, but as you obtain Glory(leveling system mechanic) you can boast your stats and moves. You can also, talk to others and they can teach you skills. Doing that same instance of talking to AI, you can learn how to: make guns, use guns better, make lockpicks, sneak, intimidate, and a whole bunch of other things. LOTS of stuff you can do in this title.

Another thing, you will spend a good amount of time doing this, but calibrate the video contrast, brightness, and gamma settings in the game options. Doing so will give you a more vivid graphics.

Various types of weapons, skills, and other abilities to obtain. Harsh enemies, whom lay traps, and even do some voodoo. This title is top knotch. Spend some time in the first area -- Just to get the fighting controls down or you will be more frustrated. There is technique to it and the more you get the idea of it... The better idea you get when fighting enemies.

The game is originally for the PC, but it is still good on the consoles. If you like pirates, try this game.

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KKrap Graphics!!!

posted by PhatDaddy (THE VILLAGES, FL) Oct 9, 2012

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Don't bother! I have a 65 inch HD TV and I still can't read the instructions on the screen. Serif typefaces and TV/Computer monitors are not suitable for the style and size of "fonts" used.

Whew; extremely poor choices! I played two minutes and returned disk. "Nuff said.

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Very Good

Very fun game that could of been really special

posted by GBTemplar (DESTIN, FL) Sep 2, 2012

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I myself enjoyed Risen 2 quite a bit actually and would recommend this game to anybody that likes open word game-play type games. If Risen 2 had graphics like Skyrim, more islands/secret places to explore, more treasure to find, more people to talk to, had the option of buying property and to build homes or maybe even start a city, allow the player to bury his own treasures where ever he pleases and so on and so forth. Risen 2 could of been the best game to ever come out period. Hopefully one of these days somebody makes another open world pirate game and includes everything i just said and more into it. It be super cool.

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